Marvel Spotlight (2005) #34

Marvel Spotlight (2005) #34

Marvel Spotlight (2005) #34

Marvel Spotlight (2005) #34

  • Published

    October 29, 2008

"For what they've done...they must pay the ULTIMATE price..."
Spingboarding from the pages of ULTIMATES 3 and ULTIMATE POWER, Jeph Loeb and David Finch's ULTIMATUM is a six-part series that will change the Ultimate Universe in ways as definitively as the Marvel Universe's CIVIL WAR or the X-Men's MESSIAH COMPLEX. MARVEL SPOTLIGHT checks in with the series' principal creators and takes readers inside the universe that changed the rules for comics in the 21st century - and figures out how those rules are going to be rewritten! The end is here, and so is SPOTLIGHT!
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  • Rating:T+
  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:5960605845-03411
  • FOC Date:October 09, 2008


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