Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #608, Djurdjevic 70th Anniversary Variant

Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #608 (DJURDJEVIC 70TH ANNIVERSARY VARIANT)

The Story
"WHO WAS BEN REILLY?" begins here! Bursting out of the pages of this year's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL, RAPTOR is back for revenge against the man he claims killed his family - BEN REILLY, the clone of Spider-Man! Unfortunately, the only person alive that fits Ben's description is Peter Parker! As this super powered psycho with a thirst for vengeance targets Peter, his family and his friends, even Spider-Man might not be able to save the day this time! Rated A ...$2.99
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.99
  • UPC: 5960604716-60821
  • FOC Date: Sep 17, 2009
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