Daken: Dark Wolverine (2010) #9

Daken: Dark Wolverine (2010) #9

Daken: Dark Wolverine (2010) #9

Daken: Dark Wolverine (2010) #9

  • Published

    May 11, 2011

"COLLISION," CONCLUSION The mind-bending crossover with X-23 comes to its brutal conclusion as Daken is forced to decide which side he's on and X-23 is forced to decide whom she can trust. Unfortunately, this is Madripoor...is it safe to trust anyone? Meanwhile, Malcolm Colcord must make a decision of his own; one of life or death, with the fate of the potentially-revived Weapon X program hanging in the balance.

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:5960607118-00911
  • FOC Date:April 18, 2011
  • Price:$1.99
  • Page Count:24


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