Cable & Deadpool (2004) #30

Cable & Deadpool (2004) #30

Cable & Deadpool (2004) #30

Cable & Deadpool (2004) #30

  • Published

    July 19, 2006

THE HERO HUNTER" Part 1 (of 3)
With CIVIL WAR tearing the Marvel Universe apart, only one man can sew it back together... DEADPOOL?! Well, who else would make the perfect mercenary Hero-Hunter? In an effort to do his part, Deadpool crosses paths with the GREAT LAKES AVENGERS, and slices and dices his way to DAREDEVIL-THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR!
What happens when the Merc with a Mouth faces the Sightless Scarlet Sentry? And where does CABLE stand in all this? Where he always does... pretending he's above the fray. Then why is he having a secret meeting with CAPTAIN AMERICA...?
32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99

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  • Rating:T+
  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:5960605490-03011
  • Price:$1.99
  • Page Count:23

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