Daredevil: Father (2004) #1

Daredevil: Father (2004) #1

Daredevil: Father (2004) #1

Daredevil: Father (2004) #1

  • Published

    April 28, 2004

    pt. 1 Quesada makes his long-awaited return to the drawing board after nearly four years for a very special and very personal DD tale. For the first time writing AND illustrating, DD legend Quesada crafts a mystery set during the deadliest heat wave in NYC history. A serial killer is on the loose pushing a city already past its breaking point over the edge, and Daredevil must battle the heat and fear to keep a crumbling Hell's Kitchen together... by any means necessary! 32 PGS./MARVEL PSR...$3.50

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    • Format:Comic
    • UPC:75960605542500111
    • Price:$1.99
    • Page Count:24


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