Star Wars: Republic (2002) #67

Star Wars: Republic (2002) #67

Star Wars: Republic (2002) #67

Star Wars: Republic (2002) #67

  • Published

    August 04, 2004

General'Kenobi's'clone army'is sent on'a diversionary mission'to distract a massive'Separatist'army'long enough for newly knighted'Jedi'Tohno'to infiltrate a'droid'factory and destroy it. The key to the mission is to attract the Separatist's attention without actually engaging them in combat. But Anakin'feels that he witnessed the sacrifice of enough young Jedi during the disastrous mission'to'Jabiim, and he can't stand the prospect of another one. Can Anakin learn to put the Republic's objectives ahead of his own feelings, or will his misguided heroism jeopardize the lives of thousands in order to save one? And what about Master Tohno? Doesn't she have a say about her own part of the mission?

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  • Format:Comic
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