Gambit (1999) #19

Gambit (1999) #19

Gambit (1999) #19

Gambit (1999) #19

  • Published

    August 01, 2000

Assassination Game Part 3 X-Cutioner, Batroc, Zaran and Crossbones are still after Gambit, but the ragin' Cajun is taking a breather from deflecting the attempts on his life, by lying under a collapsing building... with his ex-wife! Amongst the wreckage, Remy LeBeau and Belladonna explore the pains of their past, and possibly the hopes of their future! But what does the New Son have in mind for the mutant called Quiet Bill? Plus: An appearance by the high-flying Angel!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960604735201911
  • Page Count:24


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