Dr. Strange (2019) #1 (Variant)

Dr. Strange (2019) #1 (Variant)

Dr. Strange (2019) #1 (Variant)

Dr. Strange (2019) #1 (Variant)

  • Published

    December 26, 2019

The impossible has happened! Doctor Strange?s hands have been healed, restoring his surgical skills - but now he?s being torn between his obligations as the Sorcerer Supreme and as a neurosurgeon. And when he?s forced to choose which vows to uphold, who suffers most for it? After all, magic always has a cost?Be here for a brand new era of magic?and horror from Mark Waid (HISTORY OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE) and Kev Walker (BLACK PANTHER)!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960609574200131
  • FOC Date:November 18, 2019


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