Avengers (2018) #38 (Variant)

Avengers (2018) #38 (Variant)

Avengers (2018) #38 (Variant)

Avengers (2018) #38 (Variant)

  • Published

    November 04, 2020

EXIT THE AGE OF KHONSHU. ENTER THE PHOENIX. The Avengers have saved Earth from the god of the Moon, but the return of a certain planet-burning cosmic firebird isn?t going to give them much time to catch their breath. Plus: The devil may be dead, but the threat of Mephisto lingers on, with a legacy interwoven in heretofore untold chapters of Earth?s Mightiest Heroes.

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960608857703821
  • FOC Date:October 12, 2020


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