X-Corp (2021) #1 (Variant)

X-Corp (2021) #1 (Variant)

X-Corp (2021) #1 (Variant)

X-Corp (2021) #1 (Variant)

  • Published

    May 12, 2021

KRAKOA IS FOR CLOSERS! The deals have been made. Mutantkind is safe on Krakoa. As the Reign of X continues, what are the wants of the mutants who have everything? Leading the charge is X-CORPORATION, headed by CXOs Monet St. Croix and Warren Worthington, a duo as cutthroat and ruthless in the boardroom as they are on a battlefield. But X-Corp needs more than just its figureheads. As Monet sets out to staff their team with some of the brightest and most deviant minds in mutantkind, Warren finds himself in a tense meeting with one of Krakoa?s first allies who wants to know the truth: on Angel?s wings, will X-Corp crash or soar?

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960620103700131
  • FOC Date:April 19, 2021

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