Marvel Mastercard® Cashback Program Terms ("Terms")

By applying for and opening a Marvel Mastercard credit card, you agree to be automatically enrolled in the Marvel Mastercard Cashback Program (the "Cashback Program"), and you hereby agree to be bound by these Terms.

Make Purchases with your Marvel Mastercard and Receive Cash Back

When you make a purchase with your Marvel Mastercard ("Card") you will automatically earn cash back as a statement credit towards your Marvel Mastercard credit card account ("Account") if your Card is open and in good standing.

3% Back — For every dollar in eligible net purchases (merchandise purchased minus returns and adjustments) ("Purchases"), rounded to the nearest hundredth, charged to your Card for Purchases of dining, entertainment and for Marvel Online and Convention Purchases. Entertainment categories include Movie Theatres, Video Rental and Game Stores, Theatrical and Concert Promoters, Amusement Parks, Digital Entertainment, Games and Software, Music, Books and Newsstands, Toys and Hobby Stores (but excluding sporting goods retailers). See below for details regarding the definition of each category. Eligible Purchases of dining and entertainment will be determined by the merchant category code (the "MCC") associated with the merchant. An MCC is a four-digit classification code that is assigned to a merchant by the merchant’s payment card network or merchant processor based on the predominant business activity of the merchant. The merchant’s MCC will determine whether a purchase qualifies for the 3% cash back reward. For example, a dining purchase at the café area of a grocery store may have a MCC identification as a type of merchant other than a restaurant and therefore would not qualify as a dining purchase under these Terms. Neither Marvel nor Synchrony Bank assigns or has responsibility for the assignment of MCCs or evaluates what MCC should be assigned to a particular merchant.

1% Back — For every dollar of other Purchases, rounded to the nearest hundredth, made with your Card where Mastercard is accepted.

Purchases do not include: balance transfers, cash advances, finance charges and fees.

MCC Definitions

Movie Theatres — establishments that sell tickets and refreshments for movie productions.

Video Rental and Game Stores — merchants that rent DVDs and/or games and related equipment for consumer use, including online video rentals.

Theatrical and Concert Promoters — merchants that operate live theatrical productions or concerts, and may include ticketing agencies.

Amusement Parks (including zoos, circuses and aquariums) — establishments that operate parks or carnivals and offer mechanical rides and games and/or live animal shows.

Digital Entertainment, Games, and Software — merchants that provide digital games and content for computers and mobile devices.

Music — establishments that sell CDs and related items, including online records and digital music.

Books and Newsstands — establishments selling reading material, both digital and physical formats (includes comic stores).

Toys and Hobby Stores — establishments selling toys and games including video games. Sporting goods retailers are excluded.

Marvel Online and Convention Purchases — purchases made with your Card solely via: (a) the following Marvel digital and/or online storefronts: (i), (ii) Marvel Unlimited, and (iii) Marvel Print Subscriptions; (b) Marvel’s official merchandise booths at designated comic conventions; and (c) any other Marvel-branded digital or physical stores designated by Marvel. registration may be required in order to purchase at Purchases on third-party websites linked to from the website or apps (e.g., sites operated by third-party advertisers) are not eligible purchases at

Issuance of Cash Back

Cash back earned during a billing cycle will be calculated at the end of your billing cycle and issued as a statement credit to your Account within two billing cycles. Your Account must be in good standing at the time the cash back statement credit is issued or the statement credit will be delayed until your Account is in good standing status. If your Account is closed for any reason, including Account inactivity, on or before the issuance of the cash back statement credit, you forfeit your cashback rewards earned.

Other Conditions

Marvel and Synchrony Bank (collectively, "We") reserve the right to cancel, modify, restrict, waive or terminate the Cashback Program or any aspects or features of the Cashback Program at any time and without prior notice. We reserve the right to remove any participant from the Cashback Program in the event of any fraud or abuse in connection with the Cashback Program. Cash back rewards earned under the Cashback Program have no cash value, are not redeemable for cash, and are not property of the Card account holder.