Marvel Front-End Developer Challenge
Front-End Developer Challenge

Using the Giphy API, create an app to be able to search for GIFs.

* To start out, please refer to the React documentation and use npx create-react-app my-app to begin the project!

Minimum Requirements

  • Written Using modern React.js/Javascript (ie, make use of Hooks where you see fit, and use es6)
  • GIFs must animate.
  • Main page should:
    • Show a list of Trending GIFs.
    • Show a search bar so a user can find a GIF.
  • After the user searches for a term, app will display results of search in the main view
  • You may use any HTTP library (request, axios, superfetch, fetch, etc) but may not use any library designed for interacting with Giphy API including, but not limited to those found here.
  • Please pay close attention to User Experience (UX), and User Interaction (UI). Consider this as important as the code itself, since after all, Front End developers create websites for the user!

Please commit your work to a github repo and also include a README explaining how to set up and run the project.

The main point of this project is to see how comfortable you are using React, and to see how you well you understand UX/UI.

Thank you!