Marvel Free Digital Comic Copy

When I try to redeem the code, a message appears informing me that I cannot participate in this promotion. Why?
This promotion is valid for individuals 13 years and older and for one use only.

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I have already redeemed the code. Where do I access my digital copy?

To access your digital copy in the Marvel Comics app, please sign in on the app with your username and password and go to "My Comics."  Look for the comic by title.  Once selected, download the digital comic.

The Marvel Comics app on the iOS and Android stores are available for download here:



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I have redeemed my free copy on but it's not on the Marvel Comics app. What do I do?

Please wait a few minutes as the Marvel Comics app takes time to refresh.  If you still cannot find your free digital copy under "My Comics," completely close the app and open it again.

If your title does not appear in your collection  after a few hours please contact us at with the title, issue #, and code used to redeem.

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What Titles Include a Digital Code?
To check if a title has a Digital copy included check for the “Bonus Digital Copy Included” sticker on the front of the title.

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How do I redeem my digital copy?
To redeem your code, go to and enter your 12-digit code in the field next to the blue "Add to Cart"" button.  If your code is valid, the redemption process will continue.  As part of the process, you will need to create a Marvel account or sign in with an existing account.  Then, you'll be asked to provide the name of the store where you bought your print copy.  Once you've provided the name of your retailer, you'll be able to claim your bonus digital comic.

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What if my code is invalid or I can't redeem my digital copy?
If your code is invalid when you attempt to redeem or you experienced some type of error that prevents you from redeeming your digital issue, please contact  with the comic title, issue # and original redemption code further assistance. 

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