How do I join Marvel Insider?

You can join Marvel Insider by going to Marvel Insider Home Page and clicking on "BECOME AN INSIDER" or by visiting and clicking the “SIGN IN” link on the top left of the navigation bar. Your enrollment will be confirmed with an email at the email address associated with your Marvel Insider account. Once you confirm your email address, you can start earning points right away.

How do I earn points?

You can earn fan level points, redeemable rewards points, and lifetime rewards points (collectively, “Points”) in a number of ways including watching the latest videos and trailers, listening to the latest podcast, playing Marvel games, staying up to date on the latest news and more! Be sure to log into your Marvel Insider account while visiting and check out the Activities page for the current list of activities that are eligible for points. Please allow 5-10 minutes for completed activities to be marked completed and/or show up in your activities history.

What is Marvel Insider?

Marvel Insider is Marvel's loyalty rewards program for our fans in the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, aged 18 and over.  It's the ultimate way for Marvel fans to connect with the Marvel Universe! Join for free and get rewarded for doing the things you’re already doing as a Marvel fan. Earn points for connecting and engaging with us on social media, buying comics, reading and watching content on and much more! Then use your points to redeem for a variety of cool Marvel rewards from digital comics to Marvel merchandise and lots of items in between. 

Can I earn points for Marvel Insider activities completed on my mobile browser?

You can earn points for most web-based activities on a mobile device but you will need to disable 'private browsing' on your mobile browser.  As a reminder, use of 'incognito mode' or other private browsing features on desktop browsers also prevent you from earning points.

Remember to check your mobile browser settings on your mobile device to ensure it will always accept cookies on

What are the different fan levels, and how do I move from one tier to the next?

Insider > Agent > Elite > True Believer

Fan levels are determined by the number of fan level points you earn (see below for how to earn points) in one calendar year (January 1 – December 31) and are set at the following ranges:

Insider: 0-4,999 points

Agent: 5,000-49,999 points

Elite: 50,000-199,999 points

True Believer: 200,000+ points

You will begin to receive the benefits for your new level as soon as you reach the point threshold.  You will continue to have those benefits through the end of the following calendar year.  For example, all fan level points earned in 2018 will determine your fan level for 2019. 

Do my points ever expire?

Yes, your Points will expire if you have not logged in to Marvel Insider within a 365 days period.  Additionally, your fan level points will reset to zero (0) on January 1 of each new calendar year.

Is it possible for me to lose Points?

There are a few ways you may lose Points from your Marvel Insider account:

1.) If you have connected a Points-eligible social media platform (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram (or those platforms that are points-eligible as of the applicable date)) through the program and then disconnect from that social media platform.

2.) If you have not logged into Marvel Insider in a 365 day period.

3.) If it is concluded that you have gained points by violating the terms and conditions of the Marvel Insider program, those Points will be removed from your account (and your account is subject to termination).

What are the benefits of each fan level?


What are the benefits of each fan level?





True Believer

Birthday Gift*





Anniversary Gift





Exclusive rewards




Access to exclusive content





Exclusive sales





Gift upon reaching tier





* Only available if date of birth was provided to Marvel

I’ve completed the gaming activity but I haven’t received my Marvel Insider points, what should I do?

Gaming activities require verification of completion. Points will be awarded by the date stated in the activity. If you have not received your points after the date stated, please email

Do I earn points for reading comics in Marvel Unlimited?

Marvel Insiders, who are also Marvel Unlimited subscribers, can earn points for opening and reading digital comics within Marvel Unlimited.  Insiders earn 50 points per comic opened (up to 10 comics per week) and 100 points per comic read (up to 10 comics per week).  A comic is considered “read” once you have fully viewed the entire issue. 

How do I earn points for playing Marvel games?

Marvel Insiders can earn points for participating in select gaming events with different Marvel games, if and when available. Visit the “Games” tab within the Activities page to view available activities, if any.  Then, follow the directions within the individual activity. 

NOTE: In order to receive points for any gaming activities, you must enter your game specific player identifier EXACTLY (case-sensitive) as it is displayed in the game by the date stated or your Marvel Insider account will NOT be granted the points. If you realize you have incorrectly entered your player identifier or changed it after completing the activity please email before the activity expires.

How do I redeem my points for a reward?

Once you have enough points to redeem a reward, visit the Rewards page of your Marvel Insider Dashboard. Click on the reward you want and then follow the instructions to check out. You’ll receive a confirmation email when the transaction is complete with detailed instructions on how to receive your reward.

Gaming related rewards will require you to enter your gaming specific player identifier.  This must be entered exactly as it appears in the game in order to receive the reward.

Will I need to pay for shipping on the Marvel Insider rewards I’ve redeemed?

Some rewards may require you to pay shipping and handling charges.  Please review the available details in the rewards description prior to redeeming a reward to determine if shipping and handling charges apply to that reward.  Please do not redeem any award that requires payment of shipping and handling charges if you are not willing or able to pay those charges.

What rewards can I get as a Marvel Insider?

Marvel Insiders can redeem for various Marvel rewards such as in-game rewards, digital wallpapers, digital comics, merchandise and exclusive experiences!

Rewards are updated regularly so check the Rewards Page frequently for the latest featured rewards!

Please note that various rewards and prizes will be subject to restrictions (e.g. limited quantities, only available between specific dates) so please read the full reward description carefully before redeeming.

What are my redeemable rewards points vs. fan level points?

Your redeemable rewards points are the number of points you have available to redeem for rewards. This number decreases with each reward you redeem. Your redeemable rewards points balance carries over from year to year.

Your fan level points are the points that you earn during the course of a calendar year which determine your fan level.  Unlike your redeemable rewards points, your fan level points will reset at the beginning of each calendar year.

Can I transfer my points to another member?

No, you cannot combine, sell, or otherwise transfer your points to another Marvel Insider account.

Any attempt to combine or transfer points will result in termination of your Marvel Insider account and forfeiture of all points in your account.

How many rewards can I redeem at once?

You may redeem rewards one at a time.  Please read the rewards description for the method of delivery and any additional terms, or restrictions.

Since rewards change, make sure you keep checking your Marvel Insider Rewards page for the list of available items and experiences!

How come my number of points and Marvel Insider fan level hasn't updated on my member page?

Please allow approximately 5-10 minutes after the qualified activity has taken place for totals to update. If your points have not updated after the given time please contact

Do any rewards I've redeemed have expiration dates?

Yes, rewards may expire, be available for a limited time, or be subject to other terms and conditions. Be sure to check the details when selecting your reward and any reward confirmation email we may send you for any information regarding any expiration dates or other restrictions.

Facebook: How come I can't get points for Liking Marvel Insider?

Unfortunately, in accordance with Facebook's policies currently in effect, we do not offer points for “liking” Marvel Insider on Facebook at this time.

I've already connected my social media accounts. How do I start earning points?

Once you have connected your social accounts with your Marvel Insider account, you can start earning points by completing qualifying activities on the applicable social media platforms!  Check out the Activities Page for the current list of activities that are eligible for rewards points!

How can I connect or (disconnect) my Marvel Insider account to/from my social networks?

Connecting to  Social Networks: In order to start earning points for your online activities on the social media platforms noted in your Marvel Insider Membership Dashboard, you'll need to sync your Marvel Insider account to these platforms. Head over to your Marvel Insider membership page and connect to the available social media platforms for points!

Disconnecting Social Networks: If you want to disconnect one or more of your social media accounts from the program, simply click the "Disconnect" link within your Member Profile Tab. Please note that if you disconnect your social media account(s) from the program you will be debited for any points rewarded you received for connecting those social media accounts that you then chose to disconnect.