Reverse engineered from a child's toy, Boudicca has been given the collective knowledge of Milago – which includes the past history of Earth and the super powered individuals who inhabited it. Boudicca can be extremely helpful, even in the most stressful situations, with the vast amounts of information stored within it, but it can also be distracting when it cannot control its incessant prattling – especially in taunt mode.

Boudicca was given to Lyra by the Gynosure to ensure her success while on missions - especially when Lyra was sent to the past to retrieve something to repair the Cradle, the birthing chambers of the Sisterhood. Besides relaying valuable data to its owner, Boudicca was able to free Lyra when she was held captive by Norman Osborn in Avengers Tower by hacking into the Avengers computers and temporarily seizing control of them. Boudicca also proved its loyalty to Lyra even when Lyra decided to abandon her mission to save the Sisterhood and remain in the past. It told Lyra it wouldn't leave her side for as long as its programming would allow. Boudicca eventually explained their mission was a success because it found an Oscorp facility which made the part the Cradle needed in order to be repaired, remotely took control of one of the robots there and ordered it to leave the necessary component somewhere the Sisterhood would find it in the future. Boudicca, while poking around the Avengers database, also managed to download every bit of information Osborn had at his disposal.

When the interloper, Phinn Mac Mram, and his Cyber-Sidhe companions from Earth-01011010 attacked Boudicca's new home world, she was taken over by his Chromedruids and forced to attack Lyra. Once Phinn and his army were defeated, Boudicca regained control over herself.

To prove her loyalty to the Frightful Four, and to save her from their invasive probing, Lyra appeared to crush Boudicca before Wizard could examine her. Whether or not Boudicca can be repaired has yet to be revealed.

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