Carbonadium Synthesizer Omega Red

Carbonadium Synthesizer



The Carbonadium Synthesizer, is used to synthesize carbonadium, the only metal that can neutralize the "death factor" of Omega Red. The Carbonadium Synthesizer can liquefy carbonadium so that it can be molded into new forms.

Carbonadium is a resilient, unstable metal that is vastly stronger than steel but more flexible than adamantium. Due to its malleability, carbonadium is less durable than true adamantium, but still nearly indestructible. Omega Red has carbonadium coils through which he can transmit his ability to drain life energies. Carbonadium is highly radioactive and a very small amount, if ingested, has proven capable of dramatically slowing down Wolverine's healing factor. The only device that can produce carbonadium, known as the Carbonadium Synthesizer, was initially believed thrown into a river in Brussels by Wolverine; it has since been revealed that the Carbonadium Synthesizer had been hidden on the deceased body of a double-agent who died escaping Omega Red along with Wolverine, Sabretooth and Maverick. The synthesizer was retrieved and handed back to Maverick, whose mission was to retrieve the item for parties unknown. If implanted within the body, objects composed of carbonadium have proven to slow the accelerated healing factors of Wolverine and his son Daken. While slowed considerably, their healing powers aren't completely suppressed. It is currently unknown if carbonadium affects other beings with superhuman healing powers in a similar manner.

Wolverine is currently trying to locate the Carbonadium Synthesizer in order to safely neutralize and rescue his son Daken.

Omega Red is also searching for the Carbonadium Synthesizer in order to stabilize his condition.

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