Also known as the Book of Sins because of its corrupting influence from its spells. The Darkhold was written billions of years ago by the Elder God, Chthon, containing all of the dark magical knowledge of the time. The indestructible parchments have been spread across the Earth and regathered on numerous occasions, sometimes held by the likes of Morgan Le Fay, Aelfric the Mad Monk, Cagliostro, Taboo, Gregor Russoff and Dr. Strange. Still considered the most potent book of black magic in existence, the Darkhold has spawned imitators, like the Necronomicon, and numerous partial or complete copies have been made, such as the Shiatra Book of the Damned and Libro del Malditos. An entire cult, the Darkholders, exists to facilitate the Darkhold's use, and the demonic Dwarf frequently persuades people in need to use a page from the Book of Sins, at the cost of their immortal soul.
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