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Landau, Luckman & Lake



Although Landau, Luckman, and Lake is an intergalactic holding company which oversees and manages a number of subsidiary companies such as a law firm of the same name, it is in reality a front organization for a private espionage contractor which, in turn, is controlled by a cabal conspiring to "immanentize the eschaton". Some of these companies provide cover, plausible occupations and means of income, for its covert agents. LLL is made up of a diverse mixture of personnel, drawn from intelligence or fringe scientific backgrounds. It possesses a precognitive department and interdimensional teleportation technology which makes it's foresight and reach beyond imagination.

As a vast, shadow government-like organization with storehouses of dreadful secrets, staff being unknowningly used to further an agenda and an interest in controlling the path humanity will take into an ominous future, the extent of Landau, Luckman, and Lake's influence behind the scenes of the major events in the Marvel Universe has yet to be revealed.

Some notable former employees are: Gerald "Gerry" Lequare. Senior partner, the "Fourth L" of LLL Dixon. Overboss, head of the Mithras Directive Zoe Culloden, the Expediter. Agent and later, Overboss Noah DuBois. Agent Montgomery. Precognitive Wolverine. Agent Carling. Scientist and engineer specializing in interdimensional teleportation technology Deadpool. Agent Captain America. Agent Mikitan. Agent

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