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The Pulse



The Pulse is a weekly section on the Daily Bugle newspaper. It's area of interest is to report news about super heroes.

Was created by J. Jonah Jameson to gain more audience to the Daily Bugle. Jameson formed a team to work in this protect, the experienced reporter Urich, Ben, the reporter Farrell, Kat and the ex super hero Jessica Jones as consultant. At first Jessica Jones was not convinced to work on this paper, she was pregnant by Luke Cage and she was afraid to loose the baby, but the need of money make her help the Pulse's team with the condition of only consult and don't do anything dangerous.

The Pulse vs Norman Osbourne

While investigating a story for the Daily Bugle, the reporter Terri Kidder was murdered by Norman Osborn. All the Daily Bugle's reporters investigated the crime but was the The Pulse's team who revealed that Norman Osbourn was the Killer.

The Pulse vs Secret War

When Cage, Luke was almost killed in the attack that he suffered at his department. Jessica Jones stud by his side in the hospital until a fight, between Nick Fury's Secret War heroes vs the Latverian Lucia von Bardas and this army of super-villains, separated them and Luke Cage was sent to a underground night clinic by his good friend Iron Fist.

While the Pulse's team tried to find the whereabouts of Luke Cage they found out about the Secret War, and Nick's Fury mistakes. With a little help and consent of the level 9 S.H.I.E.L.D agent Al Mackenzie the Daily Bugle printed all the happenings and consequences of the Secret War.

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