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BREAKING NEWS • Monsters have legal claim over Staten Island • Deadpool declared new Monster KingSucks to be human?


Monster hunter and sassy British person Elsa Bloodstone showed up in the middle of King Deadpool’s fight with Kraven and shot him with a strange bullet, causing him to disappear! Is there a Brexit joke here? Are we allowed to make Brexit jokes?


We are sad to report that Bellus, beloved Lord Chamberlain of Monsters, was killed by the aptly-named Kraven the Hunter. When reached for comment, King Deadpool said “I’m going to kill that little $%#@ piece of %$&* Kraven before he can &%$# his &$#@, SEE IF I DON’T.” Though Bellus’s tenure on Staten Island was short, he was well liked. “I’m gonna miss that little bird guy,” said local resident Sarah Amos. In lieu of flowers, please donate to your favorite avian and/or monster charity.


Kraven the Hunter has been seen around Staten Island recently and is linked to multiple monster disappearances. We ask that for the time being all monsters observe a strict nighttime curfew, and if you must go out at night (yes, we’re looking at you, vampires (but not in the mirror because you don’t show up in mirrors, WE KNOW, OMG)) please travel in groups.

BELLUS Designs New Staten Island Website

Hello, I am Bellus, Lord Chamberlain of Monsters. I have been tasked with updating this website. This is new to me, but I’m told this program is quite intuitive and our new King Deadpool will have limited input. I hope you like it.

Deadpool defeats Monster King

Deadpool defeats Monster King!! It was super easy and he totally knew the consequences of his actions. He's the new Monster King of Staten Island as proclaimed by Lord Chamberlain of Monsters. All Hail The King! LONG LIVE THE KING!

For the new name of Staten Island

  1. This is a very bad idea...
I have absolutely no idea how to write the "code" that will make this poll actually work, so like any good despot, I went on Twitter and created my own. In the words of George Washington, "rock the vote, my dudes."
Know Your Roundtable
The Night Wolf

This dude is traight up a wold bitten by a cursed human. Can you say, M. NIGHT TWISTTTTTTTTTT?

Zrrgo, Son of Orrgo the Unconquerable

Orrgo has a kid, huh? Looks like maybe old Orrgo was finally conquered...BY LOVE.


Green and Mean, yet also Loyal and True. Hulk meets Kermit, I guess? But with a cone head?

Bün-bün the Destroyer

'Nuff said

Kohlaab the Pile

The sum is greater than its parts yo! This bad mama jama is a monster made up of much smaller monsters that climb onto each other to create one large monster.
tbh this is the only art we have of this dude right now, so……enjoy!

Chet Morita

Every Monster Roundtable needs one. Meet Chet, The token human.


Advisor to the King. Wise, Noble, yet maybe not the best at picking out passwords to keep people from editing his website. BABA BOOEY!

Jeff the Land Shark

Jeff is a Land Shark, and he is adorable. Known to bite you on the tucchus, though, so be careful.

4th Wall
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The comic is here! Deadpool is now King of Monsters. Follow the crazy sheninagians by reading the full story here.

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