A leading mega-corporation specializing in cutting-edge technology, Alchemax often runs secret projects that call their morals into question.



Led by industrialist Liz Allan, Alchemax is a mega-corporation that creates plastic, chemical, and agricultural products. They touch every major part of society, including consumer markets like food, health, and transportation.


Family Business

Starting out as Allan Chemical under her father, Wilson Allan, Liz eventually takes over the family business.

When Liz’s ex-father-in-law Norman Osborn’s double life as the Green Goblin is exposed, Oscorp stocks pass to Harry Osborn and Liz’s son Normie. Liz merges those stocks with her father’s company Allan Chemical, combining intellectual properties from Horizon Labs to fall under the new name, Alchemax.


Get the Ball Rolling

Alchemax is run by President and CEO Liz Allan with support from executive Tiberius Stone and Chief of Staff Mason Banks. Though Banks is secretly Norman who had facial reconstructive surgery and plots to leave an empire for his grandson—a monument to that will live on for centuries.

Michael O’Mara is assigned by Lyla as Stone’s personal assistant, who is actually Miguel O’Hara, AKA Spider-Man 2099, Stone’s future grandson, who travels back in time to prevent a darker timeline where Alchemax controls the U.S.


Internal Issues

Alchemax’ greatest threats include those within their ranks, such as the two web-slinging heroes who work against them, Spider-Man 2099 and Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, an old friend of Liz’s from high school whom gets a pass when he threatens Stone in front of Liz and other company executives.

Alchemax Genetics employee and clone handler Kimura betrays them by helping a handful of clones escape their cruel experimentation and abuse. The clones go on a revenge campaign against Alchemax for their mistreatment of them.


Safe Bet

Within the corporation, it seems like the only allies to the company are those that Liz chooses, and that includes her ex-father-in-law, the maniacal Green Goblin, whom she helps evade custody when his Banks identity crumbles. Her circle of trust also includes the ruthless Stone, who supervises the employees who come over from Horizon Labs.

Family means a lot to Liz. She used the company’s technology to cure her Chemical Engineer and superhuman criminal stepbrother Mark Raxton, AKA Molten Man, and then gave him a job working security for the company. She also holds Peter Parker in high regard, considering they were friends in high school and lets him off the hook when he gets mouthy to her executives.


Up To Speed

When Liz takes over Horizon Labs, she introduced her executives to their new employees, Mason Banks and Tiberius Stone. Stone made it clear to the former Horizon Lab employees that they were guaranteed their jobs during the transition and rubs it in that the Al Chem family owns all their intellectual property, a fact that displeases them.

Liz and her executives met with the mayor, J. Jonah Jameson, to discuss on off-the-books project: creating the city sanctioned spider-slayers. Jameson used his authority as mayor to offer up the Spider-Slayer creators’ research and equipment. Liz reminded him that the Spider-Slayer murdered his wife, but he was insistent that the technology be used for justice. When he threatened to take the contract elsewhere, Liz agreed to take the job and introduced him to their top researcher, Stone and his assistant O’Mara (O’Hara).

When Norman’s time as Mason Banks ended and his real identity was revealed, so was Liz’s allyship with him when she helped him escape capture.

Later, one of the company’s divisions, Alchemax Genetics, created 10 clones from the genetic material of Laura Kinney, AKA X-23 (later Wolverine). Run by Dr. Robert Chandler and Captain Mooney, head of security, they’re unscrupulous when it comes to the treatment of the clones. They train the clones to be bodyguards to diplomats and humanitarian organizations, which on the surface seems like they’re doing a good thing, but they’re actually quite abusive towards the clones, and in their experiments, they removed their ability to feel pain and implanted nanite technology into each of them, which slowly kills them.

Alchemax sends the clones into the field and uses them in demonstrations, and many are killed in the process. When one of the clone’s handlers, Kimura, gets fed up, she helped the younger clone Gabby escape along with her remaining sisters, Zelda, Bellona, and X23-3PAR, and the facility exploded. Alchemax blamed them for the explosion and responded by sending out their assassin X-23 to retrieve them, though they lied to her that the clones did not possess her healing factor or claws. Alchemax later sent a security force after them and when they tracked them underground in the sewers of New York, they attack. The sisters hold their own until mercenary Tony Masters, AKA Taskmaster, shoots them all, except Laura which allows her to knock him out. The sisters next attacked Mooney, their main abuser, and Zelda killed him.

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