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Beta Flight was a Canadian team of superhumans organized by the Canadian government's Department H in order to serve as training grounds for eventual recruitment for its first string of agents, Alpha Flight. The team served as a transitional stage from the entry-level Gamma Flight, so as to receive more advanced training before proving themselves enough to finally join Alpha Flight and be able to participate in major missions. The first Beta Flight had grown to five members: the original Box (Roger Bochs), Flashback, Marrina, Puck, and the original Talisman, until the entire Alpha Flight program and Department H was disbanded by the Canadian government for financial reasons.

However, when Canada was invaded by the Great Beast, Tundra, Guardian was the only hero at the scene. He tried to intervene alone, but his wife, Heather Hudson, used the former Alpha Flight equipment to assemble the team once more. She noticed that two of its members were former Beta Flight members that were about to be promoted before the government shut them down, indicated by the gold rim on their activation cards. Thus, Puck and Marrina arrived to help defeat the Beast. The heroes elected to continue acting as a team, creating an unofficial version of Alpha Flight.

Months later, when Alpha Flight was virtually destroyed along with their headquarters by the being known as Bedlam, Alpha Flight realized they had taken on many young protégés: the Purple Girl (now, Persuasion) who had originally tried to take over Alpha Flight, Laura Dean (now, Pathway) and her sister Goblyn who were agents of Bedlam, and Manikin who had been the laboratory assistant to Alpha's enemy, Scramble. The elder heroes referred to them as an unofficial Beta Flight team and helped to shelter and train them as the teams recuperated. At the time, both teams found themselves on a series of adventures, hopping from planet to planet and even from dimension to dimension. When they finally returned to their reality, the team nearly caused an international incident in China by suddenly appearing in the middle of a conflict between the People’s Republic of China and pacifist monks. Afterwards, though, Alpha and Beta Flight returned to Canada.

In the Flights' disappearance, the government created a new Gamma Flight to replace Alpha Flight. The three teams clashed, and Alpha Flight was forced to go on trial. Ultimately, Alpha Flight rejected the government's support and decided to operate independently once more, and the unofficial Beta Flight continued to remain alongside them, although Manikin soon left the team to pursue full-time medical work.

Gamma Flight continued as the government-sponsored team, and all teams eventually met again to fight Llan the Sorcerer. Gamma Flight was nearly destroyed in the final battle, but Llan was defeated. Afterward, Alpha Flight was again reinstated as Canada's official superhero group, with members of Gamma and Alpha Flights reshuffling into various levels of Beta and Alpha Flight, as per Hudson's original vision of recruitment. Beta Flight consisted of Feedback, Goblyn, Pathway, Persuasion, and Witchfire, with Alpha Flight's associate Windshear acting as a mentor. Ultimately, however, after a climactic battle with the Horsemen of Apocalypse, both teams and Department H were dissolved, and all members when their separate ways.

Department H has since been reinstated and a new Alpha Flight was formed. When investigating the new complex, Heather Hudson stumbled across a laboratory labeled Beta Flight with restricted access. The exact nature of these labs remain unrevealed, but when Department H began restructuring under the auspices of Mr. Gentry, the Beta Flight wing was opened to reveal it housed three young superhumans, Lilli, Ouija, and Flinch, presumably who had been experimented upon. The three were invited to stay in the main Alpha Wing. Lilli, in particular, was given a costumed identity of Ghost Girl and taken under the wing of the veteran heroes.

At some point, the teams were reshuffled once again, and former Alphans Radius, Flex, and Murmur joined Ghost Girl as the new Beta Flight. Heather Hudson remarked that the move was deemed necessary by Department H as these were the most inexperienced members in need of additional training, and Guardian’s clone, once believed to be the true Guardian, was instated as Beta Flight’s mentor.

Recently, it was revealed that Radius and Murmur were rendered powerless when the Scarlet Witch House of M|restructured reality, throwing Beta Flight’s current condition in question.

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