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The Chaste are an elite group of mysterious warriors whose base lies atop a mountain in an unknown location. Led by Stick for a time, and now led by Stone, the Chaste's members are required to rid themselves of emotions that are considered impure. The warriors have developed astounding mental and physical abilities, and their names are associated with powers or weapons they have mastered. The Chaste and the Hand have clashed in battle for many years.

Daredevil (Matthew Murdock) first encountered members of the Chaste during a period when he had temporarily lost his radar sense. He sought his old master, Stick, to help him recover his abilities. At the same time, the Hand ascertained Stick's whereabouts and launched an attack. The blind old man was able to thwart the four attackers, but he knew he needed help in the event of another attempt on his life.

Stick summoned the other six members of the Chaste. Only Stone, Shaft, and Claw arrived; Star, Flame and Wing were presumed to have been killed en route. The Hand’s deadliest warrior, Kirigi, had been resurrected for the battle, but was defeated by the surviving Chaste warriors. Soon thereafter, a gang of the Hand's ninja stormed Matt Murdock's apartment, attacking the Chaste, Daredevil and the Black Widow. Claw was killed, and Stick soon realized they were fighting a losing battle. He joined hands with Shaft, and together they drew the life energy from the attacking ninja. The ninja dissolved, but all the energy that transferred to Stick and Shaft was too much to contain. Both were killed.

Stone later learned the Hand would attempt to resurrect Elektra. Stone, Daredevil, the Black Widow could not stop the theft of Elektra's body from her grave. At a church, the Hand was in the final stages of Elektra's resurrection when the trio arrived to halt the procedure. Daredevil though heard Elektra's heart beat, and he attempted to revive her with a variation of an energy transfer once performed by Stick. Daredevil thought he had failed. But as the Hand fled, Stone saw that Daredevil had somehow cleansed Elektra's soul. Stone secretly took her body back to the Chaste's mountain base and completed her resurrection there.

Later, Stone dealt with a traitor in his group: a new recruit named Spear, who sided with the Hand's warrior, Izanami, in battle. Stone and Elektra also returned to New York City to confront the Snakeroot's attempt to forge a new warrior, Erynys, from the dark essence of Elektra that resided in John Garrett. During that mission, Daredevil discovered Elektra was alive. Erynys was defeated, but her dark essence re-entered Elektra. The Chaste could not allow Elektra to return to their group; because there was no guarantee she could control the impurity that the essence carried. The Chaste have since been involved once again in battle with the Hand in Japan. It has also been revealed that Stick has been reincarnated as Baby Karen.

Base of Operations
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