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Cosmic Avengers (Earth-90110)



In the 22nd century of Earth-90110 in which the Ultra-Vision ruled an expanding United Earth empire, a team dubbed the “Cosmic Avengers” was formed to protect United Earth’s interests. In the year 2136, the Cosmic Avengers were brought together by the Ultra-Vision onboard their base-ship, the Henry Pym, in order to deal with a threat from the Kree and Skrull empires. These empires planned to crash Halley’s Comet into the Earth in the hopes of crippling Earth’s influence in the galaxy. The Henry Pym approached the comet and the Cosmic Avengers were dispatched to battle the Kree and Skrull forces assembled there. The original line-up of the Cosmic Avengers included Thor (Earth-90110), Starhawk (Earth-90110), Commander America, Jhen the Gammazon, Tachyon Torch and Irondroid. Their main opponents on the comet were the Kree Supremor, the physical manifestation of the Supreme Intelligence, and the Mega-Skrull, a super-powered robot. The Cosmic Avengers won the battle fairly decisively, although Irondroid was killed by the Kree Super-Sentry.

Some time later, the Cosmic Avengers – now without Thor and Starhawk – investigated what they thought was a raiding Skrull starship. But inside the ship were a time-displaced Korvac and this dimension’s Guardians of the Galaxy who were under Korvac’s psychic influence. (Korvac had been diverted to this Earth by the Time Keepers because they believed the Ultra-Vision to be a threat to them.) The Guardians captured the Cosmic Avengers, and they were promptly hypnotized by Korvac. Korvac then led all of the mesmerized heroes to Mars’ moon Deimos, whose interior housed the program that was the Ultra-Vision. The assembled heroes assaulted the base, while Korvac went about destroying the Ultra-Vision. The Cosmic Avengers eventually broke Korvac’s psychic hold and managed to free the Guardians of the Galaxy of theirs, but it was too late for the Ultra-Vision; Korvac had destroyed him. Nevertheless, Irondroid (a replacement from the one killed years earlier) managed to create a duplicate Korvac program, and this managed to eliminate Korvac himself. After this victory, this second Irondroid was whisked from the team by the Time Keepers for use in their future machinations.

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