Council of Kangs

Council of Kangs

Comprised of the best alternate counterparts of Kang the Conqueror, the Council of Kangs convenes to end the chaos created by all divergent Kangs.




Threatened by divergent copies of himself from thousands of different realities, Kang the Conqueror forms the Council of Kangs to destroy all others.


Manipulation Station

Brought to Limbo by the machinations of his future self, Immortus, Kang (Kang Prime) discovers what appears to be Immortus’ skeleton. He’s guided to observe the other Kangs and to diverge a reality, Earth-8657, in which a Kang dies in Ravonna Renslayer’s stead. Made aware of the lesser versions of himself, he’s motivated to eliminate redundant Kangs from each alternate reality.  He forms the Council of Kangs with handpicked counterparts of himself, and together they slay their own divergent selves and take over their empires using automatons under Kang Prime’s control.


Operation: Slay All Kangs

Kang Prime chooses a few of his most capable counterparts as allies to carry out his goals.

One Kang prepares robot duplicates to replace the slain counterparts so that he can control them and thus rule the empires of every Kang in existence. Kang Prime also brings Ravonna-8657 and the Avengers to his side as allies.

At the same time, Kang also retakes his 40th century base via his Growing Man. Once the Council finishes wiping out the rest of their counterparts, one Kang slays the rest of the Council and subsequently gains the memories of every other Kang, though this outcome drives him temporarily mad. It is uncertain if the Kang then ruling 40th century Earth-6311 was this survivor, but regardless, possessing all his counterparts’ memories the singular Kang again bases himself on Earth-6311.


Foes from Within

The Council’s foes are largely the members themselves, especially Kang Prime who seeks to destroy all divergent versions of himself, including the handpicked council members. Though, little do they know, that they all are manipulated by Immortus, the future Kang, to speed up their elimination.


Unlikely Allies

When Kang Prime creates the council, he allies with a select few Kang counterparts to accomplish his goal of wiping out the lesser divergent versions of himself. Though, they were stooges in his scheme. He recruits members of the Avengers in hopes of destroying the final time duplicate.

Kang Prime also forms a partnership with Ravonna Renslayer-8657 though she ultimately betrays him for his peaceful future self, Immortus.


A Time for Every Kang

To fully carry out his plans, Kang Prime brought in Avengers Janet Van Dyne, AKA the Wasp, Dane Whitman, AKA Black Knight, and Heracles, AKA Hercules, to help him destroy his final time duplicate. The remaining Avengers caught up with him in Limbo seeking to find their missing teammates, but Kang captures them. The team managed to flee his grasp and convinced the more peaceful Immortus to send them back to their time.

Meanwhile, Kang’s other ally, Ravonna-8657, secretly sided with Immortus, who manipulated the Kangs to speed their elimination. Immortus maneuvered one particularly crafty Kang personally, posing as the servant Lireeb and allowing this Kang to utilize Tenebrae as his own base until that Kang arranged his own destruction by unwittingly slaying Ravonna-98701, whom he had planned to wed. Immortus pulled each slain Kang’s memories into a psyche-globe, and when only the Kang Prime remained, Immortus revealed his presence, his alliance with Ravonna, and his nature as Kang’s future self. Immortus manipulated Kang into claiming the psyche-globe, filling him with its memories and driving him temporarily mad in hopes of containing him.

Though another council formed outside of the Council of Kangs—the Council of Cross-Time Kangs was an organization of beings who had usurped the identity of various incarnations of Kang across the multiverse—they learned of a Time Bubble that they thought contained a powerful weapon. Some of these “Kangs” were lost forever or sucked into a temporal vortex in their pursuit of the Bubble. Kang Prime, in his efforts to destroy alternate Kangs, eventually wiped out the Cross-Time Kangs using the temporal entity Alioth the Usurper, AKA Alioth.

The Council of Kangs—known also as the Tribunal—eventually formed again and became a part of the Kang Collective—a group of alternate-reality Kangs including human and non-human variations. At their 89th meeting, they assembled the Tribunal and put Kangaroo the Conqueror on trial to prove its worthiness of the Kang name. They deemed him unworthy and demanded that he be destroyed. One variant Kang took on the responsibility, though it was later revealed to be the tyrannical Mojo in disguise as Kang.

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