James "Rhodey" Rhodes, formerly known as the hero Iron Man and, later, War Machine, had once set up his own company but soon found himself filing for bankruptcy thanks to an unscrupulous accountant. Almost immediately afterward, he was informed that his sister had been killed by drug dealers.

Rhodes traveled to Little Mogadishu, or "The Mog," a dangerous section of Brooklyn, New York City, controlled by gang warlords and drug dealers. Looking for his sister's killers, he demanded answers of both the police and the deadly street gangs who ruled the lawless territory. Receiving none of the answers he sought, Rhodes took matters into his own hands, teaming with Josiah X, a local Muslim minister and community activist, to learn the truth and to apprehend the men responsible.

After bringing the immediate culprits to justice, Rhodes declared war on the most powerful street gang in the country-the 66 Bridges Gang, who controlled a substantial percentage of all East Coast criminal activity with the help of a network of corrupt police officers, judges, and politicians.

The payoff for this network of crooked contacts was carried by the legendary "Money Train" subway, which Rhodes managed to derail. The derailment, however, sparked a running gun battle beneath the streets of the Mog as both police and street gangs competed to be the first to reach the crash site. One of the police officers was Kasper Cole, who used his identity as the heroic White Tiger to investigate. The derailment also brought the former freelance spy Junta, and they both found themselves embroiled in the battle between police and gang warlords. Rhodes got the drop on both of them but wound up helping them escape the cops, who eventually managed to take control of the situation.

Rhodes had actually placed a chemical tracer on the Money Train so as to trace the agents of the 66 Bridges Gang to the top echelons. Rhodes pulled together the White Tiger, Junta, and Josiah X into an erstwhile team as each of them had reasons of their own to see the end of the 66 Bridges Gang. The team managed to bring to justice scores of crooked contacts, finally tracing the 66 Bridges to Grace & Tymbalt, a multi-media company, which served as a corporate front and of which the ruthless gangster Nigel "Triage" Blacque was corporate CEO. In a climactic battle, the band of heroes ultimately managed to defeat Triage and turn him over to the authorities.

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