Morlak (a master of nuclear physics), Dr. Hamilton (an expert in medicine), Mr. Zota (an expert in electronics), and Professor Shinski (a dean of biology and genetic research) all faked their deaths and gathered together in the Citadel of Science - also called the Beehive - to design a race of perfect men that they could use to conquer the Earth and rule as their leaders. Using their combined knowledge they soon succeeded in creating a perfect being, but it escaped from the life-tank that they placed it in, and exhibited immense power, forcing them to seal it away to protect them. The Enclave tried to view the being, which they called Him, but it radiated such blinding light that they were unable to see what it looked like.

They kidnapped Alicia Masters and urged her to use her abilities as a sculptress, combined with her blindness, to sculpt them a bust of their creation. She entered the chamber with Dr. Hamilton at her side and prepared to meet Him. But the being hated the Enclave for the evil ways and he trapped Dr. Hamilton, but allowed Alicia to come into his presence, sensing her goodness. She found him in a cocoon from which he was shortly to be born from. But the rest of the Enclave feared Him, and intended to use an anti-gravity machine to push him into space.

At the same time, the Fantastic Four had investigated Alicia’s disappearance and Mister Fantastic created a duplicate of the transport device that Dr. Hamilton had used to transport her to the Beehive. They entered the lab and fought off the guards that attacked them, then made their way to where Alicia and Him were sealed within Lock 4. Dr. Hamilton was soon released from the vines that Him had imprisoned him in, as the being’s powers waned while he was cocooned, and Hamilton revealed to Alicia that they had actually intended to control Him to rule the world; not cure war, crime, and illness, as they had told her. Hamilton tried to destroy Him, but the being lashed out and soon emerged from his cocoon and killed Hamilton.

The Fantastic Four arrived shortly afterwards, saving Alicia from the Beehive that the being’s power was swiftly destroying. The remaining members of the Enclave, meanwhile, attempted to drop the plunger to their anti-gravity machine, but Him had read their minds and shut off the power before they could jettison him from the planet. Then, while the Fantastic Four escaped with Alicia, Him declared that the human race was not his place, and he transported himself away from the Beehive. But the energy that he released was too great and his departure resulted in the deaths of the remaining members, forever ending their dreams of conquest.

Base of Operations
  • Base of Operations

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