Euroforce began as two teams, Eurolab and Task Force. Eurolab was a scientific recon group composed of Key (Geyr Kluge), former S.H.I.E.L.D. science officer and team leader; Danger, a mutant and second-in-command; cyborg Deep Sight (Jane Melville); telepath Nuage (Silvie Rouge); and Picaro (Antonio Rey), communications specialist. They were dedicated to studying paranormal phenomena for Euromind, a research agency and offshoot of S.H.I.E.L.D. Funded and controlled by the mysterious society known as SHAPE, Task Force was a special S.H.I.E.L.D. division loaned to Euromind for use in emergencies; its members included the high-tech Dragonfly, mutant Blue Condor, mystic Argento, armor-skinned Tiger and weapons man Iceboy. Key viewed Task Force as heavy-handed barbarians with no sense of scientific values; in return Dragonfly resented her unit "baby-sitting a Boy Scout troop." Both teams reported to Euromind's Director Borillon. Their first recorded joint mission was investigating monster sightings at a Spanish archaeological dig. They discovered descendants of Inhumans who had been thrown by the Inquisition into an underground cave system to die; when the Inquisition subsequently disposed of the remains of a crashed Skrull ship and its crew the same way, the Inhumans had feasted on the dead aliens, transforming them into monstrous metamorphs.

Eurolab rescued survivors from an Italian jumbo jet that had splashed down after a passenger transformed into a rampaging monster. As it began to sink, Damage located the metahuman; no longer out of control, he refused to be saved, claiming he preferred to die rather than be recaptured by the people behind his metamorphosis. While investigating reports of artificially mutated humans in Malaysia, Task Force was attacked by the cyborg soldiers the Lords of War, who slew Dragonfly and Blue Condor; Tiger and Argento retreated, but Iceboy was captured. Back at base, Key and Tiger were told SHAPE had ordered an end to the investigation into the origins of the mutates. Eurolab and the surviving members of Task Force decided to return to Malaysia and find Iceboy; their meeting was secretly monitored, and as they departed, armed Euromind agents tried to detain them. They escaped, but some of the Euromind agents opened fire on their fellows, framing the errant squads for the killings; Borillon soon saw through the ruse, but was unable to prove the truth.

The squads, now united as Euroforce, tracked Iceboy to the labs of French multinational Nadir, which proved to be an A.I.M. front. While the bulk of the team held off both A.I.M. agents and the Lords of War, Tiger and Key breached the maximum security section and found a dramatically mutated Iceboy. A.I.M. agents burst in and shattered Iceboy's gestation tank with gunfire; Iceboy quickly defeated the agents, but died seconds later because the process had been interrupted. Key and Tiger reunited with the others, who had evaded the Lords of War, and Euroforce fled. As they flew away, their plane was attacked by the Lords of War and exploded; though SHAPE believed them dead, they survived and, secretly allied with Borillon, are planning their next move.

Another group with unspecified ties to Euromind is Gemini, an Italian-based team assembled by former British intelligence agent Edwig Caine. Led by Gabriel Caine (Front), Edwig's son, Gemini includes mutant brothers Grip and Suede (Brandon and Nicholas Blake), both of whom have energy powers, teleporter Mandala (Iman Dashire), and psychic Balance (Debra Crovi).

Base of Operations
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