Fantastic Five (Earth-772)



Looking for a way to earn money, Spider-Man applied for membership in the Fantastic Four. While Earth-616’s Spider-Man turned away when he discovered the Fantastic Four were non-profit, the Spider-Man of Earth-772 reconsidered when the Invisible Girl took pity on him and the Fantastic Four agreed to pay him a small stipend of spending money. They joined forces as the Fantastic Five. Reed Richards took advantage of this larger team to be more protective of his girlfriend, Susan Storm. While the team battled the Red Ghost on the moon, Susan remained behind on monitor duty and was captured by Namor (Sub-Mariner) who was controlled by Puppet Master. When Namor resisted the Puppet Master and saved Susan’s life, she became enamored of him. She left the team to become Namor’s bride, transforming into an amphibienne via Atlantean technology.

The others continued as the Fantastic Four, but Reed blamed Spider-Man for Sue’s leaving. A rift developed while the team battled foes such as Dr. Doom, Super-Skrull and Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android, eventually driving Spider-Man to leave the team in anger. Soon thereafter, Namor invited the team to celebrate the birth of his and Sue’s first child and a bitter Reed misinterpreted Namor’s actions. The two came to blows and Reed with Johnny Storm’s support soon framed Namor before the United Nations in an attempt to start a war with Atlantis. After Ben Grimm (Thing) revealed Reed’s treachery. Johhny and Reed decided to attack Atlantis themselves. While the Warlord Krang sacrificed his life defending Atlantis, Reed witnessed Sue’s devotion to Namor and came to his senses. He ended the attack and rededicated his life to bringing peace between the surface world and Namor’s Atlantis even as Sue gave birth to Namor’s first son, Leonard McKenzie.

Over time, Susan and Namor’s differences grew too great. She and Namor amicably split, he restored her air-breathing nature and Sue left her ex-husband and son to return to the surface world. The Fantastic Five later reunited with Reed and Sue finally marrying. When Susan became pregnant with their first child the rest of the team entered the Negative Zone and battled Annihilus for the Cosmic Control Rod a tool, which they hoped, would ensure the child’s healthy birth. The mysterious Time Twisters (who sought to destroy Earth-772’s dimension to protect their own existences) brought Victor Von Doom into the fray and Doom stole the Control Rod from both Annihilus and the Fantastic Five. Immortus, disguised as the Whisperer, intervened, convincing Doom to return the Rod to Reed for the good of their Universe and Doom later seemingly died battling Annihilus.

However, Doom was actually transported by Immortus, who continued to attempt to thwart the Time Twisters, to Earth-9260 where he aided that world’s Thor (futuristic Irondroid of Earth-90110) and the vampiric Wolverine of Earth-9250 in saving that universe. The Time Variance Authority then transported Doom to Immortus’ Limbo, where he was slain by a Dire Wraith while fighting to protect the timestream. But, the TVA’s mission ultimately succeeded and Doom was restored to Earth-772 even as Reed and Sue’s firstborn son was successfully delivered.

Though this reality appeared to diverge from Earth-616 when Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four, the divergence may actually occur at some other point, as the Thor of Earth-772 is not the same Thor as in Earth-616.

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