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Fearsome Four (Earth-58163)



In the House of M reality, Victor Von Doom found a crashed shuttle with the bodies of Reed Richards, Susan Storm, John Jameson, as well as the still alive but monstrous Benjamin Grimm. He studied them for the cosmic radiation they contained. Through the use of magic, Doom was able to mimic the power of the radiation and give it to his family. His wife Valeria became the Invincible Woman, able to create shields and forms out of a shadow like energy. His ward Kristoff became the Inhuman Torch, burning with a type of mystic flame. Doom himself was able to transmute into a metallic substance which could also stretch and morph. Grimm was kept caged when not in action and referred to as It.

As Magnus and his forces rose to power, Doom and his group kept their status. His finest scientists worked on technologies the House of Magnus sought to use to keep the Sapiens in line, and the Fearsome Four would handle negotiations.

Doom often acted aggressively, such as destroying the Mole Man and his kingdom for the stores of Vibranium in his land. A dying Mole Man told Doom "he only had a nicer cage than the other humans". Doom's mother Cynthia also constantly berated Doom, telling him he should not bow to any mutant. Doom eventually became frustrated with Magneto's requests, which were becoming more and more like orders ever day.

Magneto's request to find a place that could serve as a prison for those he did not wish to execute was the opening Doom needed. Doom found a dimension whose physics made superhuman powers useless, aside from the Four's magic-based powers. He hid this fact and quickly informed Magneto that he had found a suitable place. Doom did not realize that Grimm understood what he was plotting because he thought him just a mindless beast.

Magneto, Quicksilver, and Polaris were invited to go through the portal and see the area for themselves. Doom hoped to kill them and then take over, explaining that a horrible accident had occurred.

Magneto and Quicksilver entered and were quickly defeated. Polaris managed to escape and call for the House's forces to help. Doom quickly murdered the scientists who had worked on the portal so any loyalists would not free Magnus and Pietro. However, It secretly freed Magneto and Quicksilver. In retaliation Grimm was blasted out of the castle by Valeria. Magneto easily disabled Doom's metal form. Doom woke up to see Kristoff and Valeria had been killed; impaled by a number of metal objects. He also saw Cynthia groveling at Magneto's feet, claiming she was always loyal and that her son was just a greedy fool. Magneto agreed to leave Doom alone and ruined, and offered Cynthia asylum. Doom was left with a feeling of utter disgust with himself. He was still given an invitation to Magnus's party. Grimm found himself lying in a tunnel where members of the human resistance found him.

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