League of Losers



The time-traveling villain Chronok of Earth-6025, year 2099, brought a massive army back in time to the modern era to change his history. He used an extensive knowledge of Earth’s superheroes to destroy them, causing the timeline of Earth-6025 to diverge into Earth-6215. The only surviving heroes were a few lesser known heroes some of whom didn't even appear in the historical records. These misfit heroes, along with Terror, became known as the League of Losers.

Speedball managed to steal Chronok’s time-travelling device, and the group traveled to the year 2099 of Earth-2992 (prior to its divergence from Earth-6025) a month before Chronok’s theft of the time-travelling device from Reed Richards and his student, Chad Channing. The group prevented Chronok from stealing the device, killing him in the middle of time-travelling, and saved the heroes of their world from ever dying. As a result, they were trapped in the future within Earth-2992.

Base of Operations
  • Base of Operations

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