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10 Marvel Heroes Who Quit and Returned

Daredevil isn’t the only hero to contemplate retiring, and Marvel history suggests he won’t be the last!



Created initially as a support group for former teen super-heroes. The Loners was started by Phil Urich (formerly the superhero Green Goblin) and Michiko Musashi who was formerly the hero Turbo. They sent out e-mails publicizing their meetings, and they were soon joined by Chris Powell (the former hero Darkhawk), Julie Power (Lightspeed formerly of Power Pack), Johnny Gallo (formerly Ricochet of the Slingers), and Jonathan Starsmore (the former member of the X-Men known as Chamber). Musashi was contacted by an anonymous person who congratulated her ingenuity on creating the group and offered to grant the group one million dollars if they found five Runaways. The anonymous benefactor gave the group information on Nico Minoru, Gertrude Yorkes, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, and Chase Stein while Phil Urich found even more records on their activities further informing the group. The benefactor then tipped them off as to where the Runaways would be, and the Loners (except Urich who remained in radio contat with Turbo) went off to gather the Runaways who had been embroiled in a conflict with Victor Mancha. Talkback quickly took out the Loners with lasers from the Leapfrog and the Runaways escaped with Mancha.

The Loners set out after the teen heroes and fought them on a movie set. Sister Grimm caused Turbos' armor to malfunction, Ricochet took out Arsenic and Old Lace, and Bruiser took out Chamber and Lightspeed. Darkhawk lost control of himself while fighting Sister Grimm leading to a conflict between Turbo and Darkhawk during which the Runaways escaped. Infighting betwen the group and Darkhawk led to Darkhawk returning to his Powell identity deciding to forego his alter-ego from that point on. Seeking to help the group, the benefactor informed Urich where they could find a ship which had a control panel modeled after Urich's old Goblin Glider.

Powell stayed behind to act as tech support while the Loners set out to find the Runaways again. They were drawn to the Runaways location due to a blast fired by Lucy in the Sky. The Loners followed the blast and discovered them entangled in a battle with Ultron. Immediately engaging Ultron in a battle, Chamber escorted the Runaways away from the battle area while the others were rescued by a just arrived Darkhawk who blasted Ultron with a force blast which destroyed his robot shell. The Runaways escaped from Chamber and their mysterious sponsor was revealed as former teen sidekick Rick Jones. Jones informed the Loners that he had been told of the Runaways by Captain America and had Tony Stark fix up an old Quinjet to aid them in the search. Jones then asked the team if they wished to remain as a super-group full-time in order to protect the west coast from menaces such as Ultron. All of the members agreed except Chamber who had vanished. The Loners' Chamber was later revealed to be a temporally displaced Geoffrey Wilder, who was working with the new Pride. He had allowed the Runaways to escape so that his group could get revenge upon them later.

A few months later, the Loners re-emerge in Los Angeles, with a new member named Mattie Franklin who may or may not be up to no good; she is shown doing research on Ricochet on her laptop and convincing Powell to get back into costume to bust up a Mutant Growth Hormone drug dealer facility. Later on, Ricochet uses documents recovered from this facility to investigate another facility, where he happens upon a young woman named Hollow floating in a glass tube.

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