Midnight Angels

Midnight Angels

A special wetworks team of Dora Milaje elite, the Midnight Angels suit up to protect Wakanda and its people.




The Midnight Angels are a small elite group of assassins from Wakanda who serve their beloved country. But don’t let their number fool you…they are fierce, mighty, and adored.


Royal Bodyguards

The Midnight Angels begin as a strike-force team within the Dora Milaje—an elite female royal guard that serves their monarch King T’Challa, AKA Black Panther. Taking orders from T’Challa, the clandestine team takes out any threat to the country and its people.

One such threat is Victor Von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom, who steals Wakanda’s most precious resource, Vibranium. When T’Challa orders the Midnight Angels to assassinate Doom, they are accompanied by mercenary Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool.


Elite Assassins

Like the Dora Milaje, the Midnight Angels answer to King T’Challa and the royal family. Trained by their headmistress Zola, the Midnight Angels are the best of the best of the Dora, and include Captain Aneka, Ayo, Teela, and a few others. Zola eventually hands the reigns to Aneka to train the initiates. Later, Aneka and Ayo embark on their own journey as Midnight Angels, leading the way to better protect all people of Wakanda.

The Midnight Angels wear stealth suits, which are later equipped with wings and electrified weaponry. The team uses Kimoyo Beads for communication, various Vibranium weapons, and a stealth Quinjet, called the Dagger, to carry out their clandestine missions.


Foremost Foes and Fierce Allies

Doctor Doom is one of the Midnight Angels foremost foes. The Midnight Angels team up with Deadpool to defeat the maniacal man who intends to take over Wakanda.

The elite team begins to take issue with the royal family, especially the Wakandans that they leave behind. Aneka and Ayo take on and take out corrupt chieftains and bandits who enslave and defile women, risking their own lives in the process. This departure from their Dora Milaje duties does not sit well with the royal family at first, but they eventually warm up to the idea of change.


Loyal to Wakanda

After T’Challa conspired with one of Wakanda’s attackers, Namor McKenzie, AKA Namor the Sub-Mariner, and faced with a crumbling Wakanda after an attack by Thanos, Midnight Angels Ayo and Aneka began to lose faith in the royal family. Not only that, but they dealt with another problem within their ranks. When a panicked villager from Kagar requested help with her village’s chieftain, who was capturing women and defiling them, Folami, an enhanced Dora Milaje and the Chieftain’s daughter, defied orders to stay put while they investigated the allegations against him. She smashed through a wall and rushed to protect her father. Meanwhile, Captain Aneka made a strong case to the Dora that they needed to do more for Wakanda, beyond protecting the royal family. They agreed to first deal with Kagar’s chieftain. Aneka insisted on going at it alone and when she confronted the Chieftain, she attempted negotiation. When that failed, she slayed him with her spear.

Aneka was then apprehended for killing the Chieftain. Her lover and fellow Dora Milaje Ayo defended Aneka’s actions to the Queen Mother Ramonda, asking her to spare Aneka, but she was refused. Seeing no way out for her love, Ayo stole the Midnight Angel armor and broke Aneka out of confinement. The pair defected from the Dora Milaje and set out to liberate oppressed Wakandans that the crown neglected.

They started with a compound in Northern Wakanda where they found a dozen women enslaved by Jambazi bandits. With their armor protecting them from a spray of bullets and their skills in Martial arts, Ayo and Aneka defeated the captors, leaving no one left alive. Aneka and Ayo comforted the freed women and swore that Wakanda would pay for the damage caused.

The Dora Milaje soon joined the Midnight Angels, and together, they take over the Jabari-lands in Northern part of the country. They severed their ties to the royal government and rededicate themselves to serve ignored Wakandans, taking their original moniker, the Dora Milaje. The Hatut Zeraze, Wakanda’s secret police, were sent after them but even they refused to fight their own sisters, daughters, and mothers, and gave up their pursuit.

They eventually lead a citizen revolt against the regime of Wakanda until Queen Shuri confronted Aneka and Ayo, asking them to defend their city from the leader of the People, who would likely turn on them anyway. They helped defeat the People, and T’Challa then held hearings for the Dora Milaje. The Midnight Angels made their demands, which included being provided lands independent of the crown, however, an elder convinced Aneka otherwise. Learning from his past missteps and the Midnight Angels, T’Challa in turn formed a democratic government, where he could remain king but more of a figurehead to represent Wakanda rather than its ruler.

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