Monster Hunters

Monster Hunters

The Monster Hunters rise to fight menaces both domestic and otherworldly.




The Monster Hunters band together to fight a monstrous and unknown threat thanks to the manipulations of the Eternal hero, Makkari.


Explorer’s Club

When the otherworldly Deviants threatened Earth in the 1950s, Eternal Makkari using aliases like Jacob Curry and Jake Curtiss, gathers clandestine “monster hunters” from all over the world to meet at the Explorer’s Club in New York City. These hunters include the bloodgem-empowered Ulysses Bloodstone, the mystic Dr. Anthony Ludgate Druid, AKA Doctor Druid, and Wakandan warrior with enhanced senses, Zawadi. Together, they form the team aptly dubbed Monster Hunters to defeat the Deviants. They use the Explorer’s Club as their official meeting space.


Tenuous Trust

When the Monster Hunters first form, the team members don’t fully trust each other. Thanks to Druid’s mystic abilities, he notices immediately that Bloodstone and Curtiss’ minds are closed to him, making him believe they’re hiding something, but easily trusts Zawadi. Meanwhile, Zawadi finds Druid and Curtiss suspicious, but has a rapport with Bloodstone since having rescued him from the alien Grottu prior. The squad works well together and even better once Curtiss reveals his true identity to the team. They eventually add the Atlantean-human hybrid Aquaria Neptunia, AKA Namora, to their ranks as well, whose experiences battling warmongers in Atlantis make her a valuable addition to the team.


Monster Menaces

The Monster Hunters often face fearsome foes such as the monstrous man-ape Gorgilla and the Deviant warlord Kro, who controls the beast.


Unlikely Allies

At first, the team goes up against the gigantic ape-like creature, Gorgilla. Once they free him from being controlled, Gorgilla helps them defeat their enemy Kro. The team also allies with First Line, a team that defends Earth against domestic and alien threats.


Fighting Monsters

During their first meeting, Druid suddenly was overcome with the muddled thoughts of Gorgilla, a monstrous ape-creature who escaped its holding cell on a freighter in the New York harbor. Ulysses offered the team weaponry to face the gargantuan beast and they left in Curtiss’ helicopter. Zawadi dove out of the helicopter and stuck the beast in the back with a hypo-spear full of sedatives which knocked it out. They discovered a mechanical device in its fur but suddenly Gorgilla was up and adam flailing about. The group found themselves whisked away to safety by an unknown speedster. The group eventually stopped Gorgilla and returned him to the wild. In the process, Curtiss had disappeared and then reappeared having detained some spies. They realized he was the speedster and it was eventually revealed that he was Makkari, an Eternal.

They soon discovered that Gorgilla was controlled by the Deviant Kro, an enemy of the Eternals, and helped release him from his hold. Gorgilla then became their ally against Kro and they soon defeated him.

The team then added the Atlantean-Human princess Namora to their roster and joined the Super Hero team known as First Line to prevent a Skrull named Zuhn from recovering his lost starship.

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