Nazi Party



The National Socialist German Workers Party, or "Nazi" Party, was founded as a small right-wing political party in 1919 by Anton Drexler. By 1933 the party was voted into power led by Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Hitler became dictator of Germany the following year, declaring the beginning of a new period in German history known as the "Third Reich" and began a rearmament campaign with the aim of conquering Europe, a goal which eventually precipitated the Second World War. Germany eventually lost World War II and Hitler was killed by the Human Torch. However, through several evil agents, the Nazi movement has continued on with terrorism throughout the world to this very day. Most notably are: the Red Skull, Warrior Woman, Baron Heinrich Zemo, Baron Strucker, Baron Blood and countless others. While officially disbanded after World War II, the Nazi Party, through both direct action and inspiration, continues to affect events wherever it may strike.

The terrorist group Axis Mundi is probably the most prominent direct offshoot of the Nazi Party still operating.

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