Shadow Cabinet

Shadow Cabinet

Recruited secretly by Moon Knight, each member of his Shadow Cabinet offers special skills and insight as his informants.




A disparate group of people spread across Manhattan are brought together by Marc Spector, AKA Moon Knight, as his secret network known as the Shadow Cabinet. Every member has a unique set of skills and networks of their own, which Spector uses to track organized crime and garner resources.


Secret Network

The Shadow Cabinet is a group of individuals who don’t necessarily know each other or work together. Instead, they’re agents of Moon Knight, each with special skills who act as his informants on organized crime and who provide equipment he otherwise wouldn’t possess.

The team includes mafia boss Paolo Santacosta, AKA Don G.; Moon Knight’s personal physician Dr. Hannah Trumbull, AKA Mercy; computer hacker and conspiracy theorist Warren Tork, AKA Junior Birdman; criminal thief and strategist Thomas Haney, AKA Fingers; NYPD Sheriff Jamie Vasquez, AKA Sheriff; TV journalist Kim Hong, AKA Scout; gang leader Zena Z, AKA Cover Girl; Adametco executive Colleen Shore, AKA Penny Annie; criminal and inmate Peter Slate, AKA Psycho; Spectorcorp’s legal advisor Cass Brennan, AKA Shark; the mutant Skitter; and Rick Conners, AKA Stash who provides Moon Knight with rare documents like city blueprints and lore.

Moon Knight first forms his Shadow Cabinet to follow the movements of and track down his brother Randall Spector, AKA Shadowknight, a serial killer.


Six Degrees of Separation

Often hired by Moon Knight through payment or blackmail, most of the Cabinet members remain largely unaware of his identity. Moon Knight gives them one-way holographic projection devices to communicate with him—while he can see and hear them, they can only hear his voice and that of the other members. Moon Knight’s close comrade Jean-Paul Duchamp, AKA Frenchie, leads the group from time to time.

As Moon Knight’s physician, Mercy is the only person in the Shadow Cabinet that knows his identity.


Assassins at Night

The Cabinet comes under attack by the Harlequin Hit Men, who take them out one by one. Some survive thanks to Moon Knight and his allies while others do not.


Sudden Allies

When the team’s threatened, even after its disbanded, Moon Knight attempts to protect them along with his allies Dr. Badr, AKA Hunter’s Moon, the vampire Reese, and Greer Nelson, AKA Tigra, and former Hydra agent known only as Soldier.



When the communication network was hacked, Moon Knight suspected one of the members but it was never confirmed. So he shut the Cabinet down and destroyed their communication devices. He eventually learned that Frenchie and Marlene Alraune were the culprits.

Years later, members of the Cabinet were being systematically picked off by the Harlequin Hit Men, led by a mysterious voice. Despite the group being disbanded, several were assassinated, including Sheriff, Junior Birdman, Sigmund, Mercy, and Fingers. Soldier secured Penny Annie while Tigra brought Scout to safety. Psycho remained in a coma but Rese informed Moon Knight that his body had disappeared. Reese assumed Skitter was safe on Krakoa on account that she was a mutant and that’s where most all mutants were living, and they hadn’t yet heard any word on Skittter.

Base of Operations, Former Members
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