Spider-Man Revenge Squad



Tired of getting constantly humiliated by Spider-Man, four of his lesser known villains teamed-up to try and defeat him. Brought together by the Grizzly, the team consisted of the former as well as the Kangaroo, the Spot and the Gibbon. Officially known as the “Spider-Man Revenge Squad”, the team was derisively called the “Legion of Losers”. When the Spot and the Kangaroo decided to rob a bank, the Grizzly and the Gibbon both protested, as their ultimate aim was revenge on Spider-Man rather than crime. However when the Grizzly and the Gibbon both left through the vault door, they tripped the alarm which brought the attention of the police.

The Spot and the Kangaroo both left through one of Spot’s portals leaving the other two running from the police. Spider-Man soon caught up to them which resulted in a battle between the three. Despite the Grizzly managing to get his fist stuck through a wall, the battle ended when the Gibbon apparently knocked Spider-Man unconscious. The Spot had returned and brought them back to Grizzly’s apartment.

While the Kangaroo and the Spot were contemplating Spider-Man’s death, the Grizzly and the Gibbon were thinking about returning the money. This brought conflict within the team which resulted in a battle between the two sides. Through teamwork and determination, the Grizzly and the Gibbon managed to defeat the two villains. At this point, Spider-Man revealed that he was only pretending to be unconscious the whole time to see what the team were planning. Seeing that the Grizzly and the Gibbon were planning to return the money, Spider-Man promised that he would find some way to let them go free. He then brought the Kangaroo and the Spot to jail.

The Gibbon and the Grizzly both decided to reform and become superheroes themselves. However the Grizzly has since returned to crime.

Base of Operations
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