Triumph Division

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The finest heroes from the Philippines, the Triumph Division rises to protect and aid those in need.



The Filipino super-team Triumph Division serves the people of the Philippines and Southeast Asia as the region’s protectors.


Living Legacies

Triumph Division’s heroes honor a legacy passed down to them by training their entire lives to become as heroic as their forebears. This legacy is a Filipino tradition, dating back centuries, and each team member is somehow related to their predecessor, who also takes on their alias.


Line of Succession

Under the leadership of the valiant hero Red Feather, the Triumph Division operates out of Triumph Hall in Manila, protecting the populace of the Philippines from threats, both great and small.

The lightning goddess Anitun Tabu, AKA Anitun is a Diwata or Filipino goddess, who must bind her life essence to mortal hosts when she’s away from her home of Kaluwalhatian, which is a pocket dimension adjacent to Earth. She takes an active interest in humanity’s welfare and serves with the Triumph Division. When her host dies, she chooses a new host from the same mortal bloodline, often the previous host’s daughter.

After the team perishes in a terrorist attack, their successors take over for them, and they come upon Pearl Pangan, AKA Wave, a young woman and swimmer being experimented upon. She gets exposed to their scientific materials which allow her to control water. It’s at this moment that Triumph Division meets her and takes her under their wing. Though later, she departs the team to work with the Agents of Atlas and gets kicked off Triumph for doing so.


Fatal Foes and Avenger Allies

The terrorist Ezekiel “Zeke” Stane is one of Triumph Division’s most fatal enemies. Responsible for the deaths of all the division members and nearby civilians, Triumph Division later reforms by the heroes’ successors.

The latest Triumph Division team helps Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, defeat Mandarin’s forces, hinders Macronauts in Quezon City, and holds back Sindr’s forces during the War of the Realms.


An Inherited History

When a tsunami hit the Philippines, Triumph Division sprang into action. After protecting people and getting them to safety, a public ceremony honored them with a statue in the Plaza de Roma. During the ceremony, the terrorist Ezekiel Stane sent a group of undercover terrorists to slay Triumph Division. The heroes had no time to act and everyone perished in the attack.

Iron Man, and Director of S.H.E.I.L.D. at the time, attended the heroes’ funerals, which saw only immediate family members in attendance due to their secret identities. The Asgardian thunder god Thor Odinson, AKA Thor, attended the funeral of Anitun whose life essence was bound to a Diwata—a Filipino god with superhuman powers that may be magical in nature, as well as superhuman healing, endurance, and reflexes, though Anitun transferred her life essence to her next host.

Weeks later, Iron Man visited the Triumph Division’s successors at Triumph Hall. Shortly after, Stark’s capture by Mandarin led the team to coordinate a rescue effort with the Chinese Super Hero team, Dynasty. The two teams arrived to witness Iron Man and Mandarin fighting. Dynasty handled Mandarin’s forces while Triumph battled the Titanomechs until Iron Man used his Swarm to destroy them.

The Triumph Division then faced the Macronaut and prevented their arrival in Quezon City. 

At some point, they came upon the swimmer Pearl Pangan, at AlonTech, a company that tricked her into undergoing their science experiments. When she became drenched in the company’s experimental substances, she gained powerful elemental powers over water. Triumph Division then took her under their wing and she donned the alias Wave.

After Triumph helped defend the Philippines and Southeast Asia from Queen Sindr during the War of the Realms, they were celebrated for their bravery. One in their group, Wave, left her post on Triumph Division for leaving the group during the war, despite her efforts that were integral to their victory over Sindr. Red Feather found Wave with Aero on a small island in the Philippine Sea and demanded that she return her armor and swords to Triumph Division.

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