Universal Church of Truth



The Universal Church of Truth, an intolerant and zealous religious empire. This fanatical religious cult was founded by the cosmic adventurer Adam Warlock, who was transported to the realm Lord Chaos and Master Order, by their servant the In-Betweener. While in this mysterious realm Warlock was transformed into the Magus. The ambitious and evil Magus was teleported 5,000 years into the past on an unknown planet which would later become known as Sirus X.

The inhabitants of Sirus X, immediately attacked the interloping Magus, which proved to be a great error in their judgment. The planet’s population would quickly succumb to the Magus' new found powers. The survivors of the Magus' attack saw him as a God and began to worship the Magus. Using the advanced technology of the people of Sirus X, Magus briskly spread his religion throughout the universe. As time pasted over a thousand worlds had succumbed to his benevolent might. The Magus would eventually be defeated by his alter ego Adam Warlock.

Recently, the Universal Church of Truth has resurfaced, under the leadership of an unknown Matriarch. The Church’s true intentions have not been revealed at this time, although they have come into direct conflict with Adam Warlock and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Base of Operations
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