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The Warwolves are a group of beings genetically engineered by Mojo to act as agents of his will. Their main purpose has been to travel outside the Mojoverse, hunting and capturing individuals as directed by their creator. They are sentient, intelligent creatures who have a well developed sense of social interaction and are fully capable of speech, elaborate plotting, and independent thought.

Physically, the Warwolves are vaguely lupine and appear to have aspects of several earth-type animals. They have silvery metallic skin and solid, pupil free eyes that have on occasion been red or silver. Their hindquarters resemble those of a wolf-like creature, yet their heads feature sharp beaks, and their forequarters are reminiscent of those of a humanoid. Their hands and feet end in sharp talons capable of inflicting much damage to their prey. Warwolves have been known to move around on all four limbs, like a quadruped, or on two, more like a humanoid.

Besides being very strong and fast, the Warwolves posses the ability to “steal” a victim’s skin, presumably in order to lure their intended and unsuspecting prey into their clutches and to better move around in an alien environment. By touching their victim with their bird-like tongue, the Warwolves drain away the person’s life essence, leaving an empty shell of the victim’s skin and clothing, which the Warwolf can then wear like a suit. It is assumed that the Warwolves’ shape is malleable and changes to fit the form of their chosen shell when they wear it.

The Warwolves first arrived on Earth while chasing Phoenix during her escape from Mojoverse. During their brief battle with her, Bowser was killed when he fell backward onto the third rail of a set of underground train tracks somewhere in London. Soon after, they fought the Technet after the latter group successfully captured Phoenix, but were defeated when the group that would later become Excalibur came to her rescue.

Unwilling, or unable, to return to their master empty-handed, the Warwolves remained in London, setting up a den in an underground tunnel near Hob’s End. In an attempt to recapture Phoenix, the Warwolves began attacking London citizens and taking their skins as disguises. Each time a victim’s consciousness was obliterated in this way, Phoenix sensed the death and was highly disturbed by their ferocity. In an attempt to lure the Warwolves out and defeat them once and for all, Shadowcat disguised herself as Phoenix and set herself up as bait for the Warwolves to find. Unfortunately, she discovered during the resulting attack that her phasing ability was completely ineffective against the Warwolves. Shadowcat was captured and accidentally bonded with Ducks when he tried to drain her life essence. The rest of Shadowcat’s Excalibur teammates rescued her and defeated the Warwolves, imprisoning them in a transparent prison in the London Zoo. During their incarceration in the Zoo, the Warwolves have occasionally escaped to menace Excalibur, and at one point were freed by Roma and sent to capture Franklin Richards along with the Technet. When Roma’s plan failed, the Warwolves were returned to their prison. The last time they managed to escape the Zoo, they attacked the new Excalibur, but were defeated yet again and have since disappeared.

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