The original X-Babies were X-Men de-aged by Mojo, they were saved by the New Mutants. When the X-Men went missing during the Fall Of The Mutants Mojo created the X-Babies again, this time as their own entities. However, he decided they were a bad idea and was about to have them destroyed when they escaped.

The X-Babies went to the UK (Earth), however Mojo sent “The Agent” (a brainwashed Ricochet Rita) after them. The X-Babies were aided by Shadowcat and Excalibur, but had to agree to work for Mojo so that “The Agent” would be released from her brainwashing.

The X-Babies gained several new recruits and once again left the Mojoverse, this time looking for help from the X-Men. Magog and Gog followed the X-Babies and tried to make them return to the Mojoverse.

After returning the Mojoverse, the X-Babies tried to save the Pix from the Brotherhood Of Mutant Bullies. Failing in their mission the X-Babies returned to their base, only to be attacked and captured by Centennials (Parade balloons turned into Sentinels).

The X-Babies were forced to take part in a game show designed by Funhouse (A Mojo-baby version of Arcade), and to save the lives of their rivals of the Brotherhood were about to agree to work for Mojo.

However before they could agree, Charlie X showed up with reinforcements and saved the X-Babies.

During one of their playpen sessions, Psychilde was involved in an accident that caused her cellular structure to decay rapidly. The X-Babies needed to use Mojo’s machines to save Psychilde. The Mighty ‘Vengers battled the X-Babies, stopping them getting to the machines. However, the ‘Vengers quickly realised that Mojo was a bad guy and so helped the X-Babies, resulting in Psychilde getting a new body.

Base of Operations
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