Say hello to the Marvel Universe with Marvel 101! These quick episodes give you a crash course on all the must-know information about all things Marvel!

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    Marvel 101Doctor Druid | Marvel 101

    Doctor Druid may be a student of the mystic arts, but that doesn’t mean that he walks a righteous path. This week on Marvel 101, follow the descent of Doctor Druid through life, death, and the afterlife.


    Marvel 101Hela | Marvel 101

    As the powerful goddess of death, Hela believes that her dominion knows no bounds. This week on Marvel 101, witness the clash of the Asgardians and test how far the rule of Death can reach.


    Marvel 101Thor | Marvel 101

    Thor, the God of Thunder, the son of Odin, wields the mystical mallet Mjolnir as he protects innocents on his own and as a member of the Avengers.  This week on Marvel 101, we journey across the realms with an Asgardian prince.


    Marvel 101Kree | Marvel 101

    The Kree control one of the oldest and most expansive empires in the entire universe. This week on Marvel 101, the Kree are at war, and they are sending their super soldiers across the universe.


    Marvel 101Skrull | Marvel 101

    The shapeshifting Skrulls are imperialists through and through, and will stop at nothing to take over the universe. This week on Marvel 101, not even the Earth is safe, and our heroes better watch out.


    Marvel 101Black Panther (T'Challa) | Marvel 101

    King of Wakanda, protector of his people, and complicated Avenger! This week on Marvel 101, the Black Panther reigns supreme.


    Marvel 101Patsy Walker aka Hellcat | Marvel 101

    From a star-struck teen to a hero in her own right, Patsy Walker dreamt of being a Super Hero and got her wish! This week on Marvel 101, our original feline hero shows her mettle on every team she joins.


    Marvel 101Hawkeye | Marvel 101

    He’s the marksmen that the Avengers rely on to make the shot when no one else can. This week on Marvel 101, Hawkeye is on the scene, and he’s going to let you know it.


    Marvel 101Lady Dorma | Marvel 101

    Straight from the 1930s at the beginning of Marvel’s comic history comes Lady Dorma, princess of Atlantis. This week on Marvel 101, we’ve got the love and loss of one of Marvel’s original ladies.


    Marvel 101Victorious | Marvel 101

    She’s the hero that brought Doctor Doom back from the brink. This week on Marvel 101, Victorious is on the scene in Latveria and ready to fight for her homeland.


    Marvel 101Doctor Doom | Marvel 101

    Doctor Doom has always had his sights set on world domination. This week on Marvel 101, Victor Von Doom takes on Reed Richards, the Fantastic Four, and his own expectations.


    Marvel 101Griever | Marvel 101

    The Griever at the End of All Things – that about sums it up. This week on Marvel 101, Griever uses her cosmic powers to take on none other than the Fantastic Four.

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