Marvel's Midnight Suns Launches Globally and Is Available to Play Now

Get it on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store!


‘Midnight Suns’ #1 Is Now on Marvel Unlimited

Wolverine. Magik. Blade. Nico Minoru. Spirit Rider. See this super-powered team assemble against a growing mystical threat.


'Marvel's Midnight Suns' Prequel Short Recruits Scarlet Witch and Magik

The new 'Midnight Suns' prequel short, 'A New Sun Must Rise,' is available to watch now on YouTube and!


Peach Momoko Breathes New Life into the Phoenix Force in 'Demon Wars: Down in Flames'

This February, it’s Phoenix vs. Magik as Peach Momoko’s 'Demon Wars' rages on!

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