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    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlayJon Glaser Shares His Favorite Gadget in Marvel's Spider-Man | Marvel Let's Play

    In this episode of Let’s Play Nore Davis shows off some of the coolest gadgets in Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 to Jon Glaser, the host of “Jon Glaser Loves Gear.” Watch Season 2 on Tru TV and on


    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlayBrian Regan Learns to Button Mash | Let's Play

    Nore Davis teaches comedian and button masher, Brian Regan how to swing like a pro in Marvel’s Spider-Man, exclusively for PlayStation. Check out Brian’s Netflix show, “Stand Up and Away.” Available now.


    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlayClobbering Foes with The Thing in Marvel Contest of Champions | Marvel Let's Play

    Josh Saleh and Nore Davis check out The Thing in Marvel Contest of Champions and find that, well, he rocks.


    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlaySwinging through NYC with Ron Funches | Marvel Let's Play

    Nore Davis plays Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 with comedian, Ron Funches. See Ron’s special Giggle Fit on the Comedy Central app, website and on-demand.


    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlayThe Lucas Brothers explore NYC in Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 | Marvel Let's Play

    In this episode of Marvel Let’s Play, Nore Davis introduces the Lucas Brothers to Marvel Spider-Man, exclusively for PlayStation. Catch the Lucas Brothers in your city during their 2019 tour, tickets at


    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlayBrand New Fantastic Four Characters & Abilities in Marvel Future Fight! | Marvel Let's Play

    Josh Saleh and Angelique Roche show off the new Fantastic Four characters that appear in Marvel Future Fight. #ad


    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlayHow to Use The Fantastic Four in Marvel Future Fight | Marvel Let's Play: Tips & Tricks

    Host Josh Saleh breaks down the best ways to utilize the wide-ranging powers of Marvel's First Family in Marvel Future Fight!


    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlayDoctor Doom Comes to Marvel Puzzle Quest | Marvel Let's Play

    In this episode of Marvel Let's Play, Angelique Roche sits down with Casey Malone to find out what awesome things await in in Marvel Puzzle Quest this #FantasticFourWeek. Hint: Dr. Doom isn't playing around. #ad


    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlayHow to beat the "Doom Raids" in Marvel Strike Force | Marvel Let's Play

    In this edition of Marvel Let’s Play, Angelique Roche teaches Nore Davis the finer points of Marvel Strike Force, as they prepare to tackle the toughest raids ever, “Doom Raids.” #ad


    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlayHow to use The Thing's Unblockable Attack in Marvel Contest of Champions | Marvel Let's Play

    Host Josh Saleh teaches you how to use The Thing's various abilities in Marvel Contest of Champions.


    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlayThe Key to Success in Marvel Contest of Champions | Marvel Tips & Tricks

    Join host Josh Saleh as he walks through the key to success in Marvel Contest of Champions: Dodging!


    Marvel Gaming: Let's PlayBill Burr swings around NYC in Marvel's Spider-Man! | Marvel Let's Play

    Bill Burr, Peter Billingsley, and Michael Price of "F is for Family" on Netflix learn how to swing and fight crime in Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 with the help of host Nore Davis!

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    Talos the Skrull Warlord Invades Marvel Puzzle Quest

    Get ready to shapeshift and infiltrate your way past enemies!


    Noble Warrior Hero Captain Marvel Enters the Contest

    Plus the Battlerealm: Under Seige event quest is on now!

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