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    Marvel TL;DR
    Avengers Versus X-Men | Marvel TL;DR

    This week on Marvel TL;DR, the salvation of Mutant-kind could also bring the destruction of Earth! Discover what happens when two of the Marvel Universe's most powerful teams goes head-to-head in a battle for all they hold dear.


    Marvel TL;DR
    Civil War | Marvel TL;DR

    Today, Marvel tells the story about what happens when super powered beings disagree and why friendship is important. Follow Iron Man and Captain America as they ask heroes (and villains) of the Marvel Universe to take sides in a battle of beliefs!


    Marvel TL;DR
    Daredevil Yellow | Marvel TL;DR

    This week on Marvel TL;DR, we revisit Matt Murdock's early years as the hero, Daredevil! This tale of friendship, love, and responsibility shows us the true origins of the Man Without Fear. At that time...dressed in the color yellow!


    Marvel TL;DR
    Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe | Marvel TL;DR

    Today, Marvel tells the unbelievable story of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. This, friends, is the tale of a single man taking on an entire universe. Follow Deadpool as he goes on a journey of self-awareness, laughter, and mayhem!


    Marvel TL;DR
    Deadpool: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly | Marvel TL;DR

    This week on Marvel TL;DR, it is ALL DEADPOOL, ALL THE TIME. Forget breaking the 4th wall, we are breaking down barriers, traveling to North Korea and getting the X-gang back together! (Well, sorta. You’ll see.)


    Marvel TL;DR
    Doctor Strange: The Oath | Marvel TL;DR

    This, friends, is a tale about the lengths a Sorcerer Supreme will go to save his magical best bro. Follow Doctor Stephen Strange as he travels through dimensions and fights gigantic demons to find the magical elixir that will cure Wong!


    Marvel TL;DR
    Fantastic Four: The Inhumans Among Us | Marvel TL;DR

    This week on Marvel TL;DR, the Inhumans arrive on Earth and meet the Fantastic Four! Massive super-powered fights. Star-crossed lovers. A humongous teleporting (and super adorable) dog. This classic Marvel story is bigger than even Galactus himself!


    Marvel TL;DR
    Ghost Rider: Engines of Vengeance | Marvel TL;DR

    Today, Marvel tells the story of the Engines of Vengeance! This is a story of young man trying to do good for his brother. Follow Robbie Reyes as he finds himself with the power of Ghost Rider, which he uses to help those in his neighborhood!


    Marvel TL;DR
    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Avengers | Marvel TL;DR

    Today, Marvel TL;DR goes Cosmic with everybody’s favorite space-faring misfits, the Guardians of the Galaxy! Witness the emotional struggle between a father and son, the complexity of intergalactic politics, and a thinking tree get eaten by a whale!


    Marvel TL;DR
    Iron Man: Armor Wars | Marvel TL;DR

    Tony Stark: the man, the myth, the armor. And this week on Marvel TL;DR, that armor is going to WAR!


    Marvel TL;DR
    Man-Thing | Marvel TL;DR

    You are about to enter another world. A world not only of marvelous heroes and devastating villains, but of the dreaded Man-Thing. Come with us as we journey into the Florida swamps. Next stop, Marvel TL;DR!


    Marvel TL;DR
    Ms. Marvel: Generation Why | Marvel TL;DR

    Today, Marvel tells a mesmerizing story about growing up, learning to deal with change, and the benefits of befriending a large, teleporting, dog-like Inhuman. Follow Kamala Khan as she discovers new abilities and becomes Ms. Marvel!

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