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Marvel TL;DRCaptain Marvel | Marvel TL;DR

This week on Marvel TL;DR, we are going HIGHER, FURTHER, and FASTER!


Marvel TL;DRThe Unbelievable Gwenpool Holiday Special! | Marvel TL;DR

Unlike the usual holiday stories, this one’s not even close to a silent night. And all our super heroes know that kicking bad-guy butt and attending the hottest party of the year is the only way to truly celebrate.


Marvel TL;DRDeadpool: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly | Marvel TL;DR

This week on Marvel TL;DR, it is ALL DEADPOOL, ALL THE TIME. Forget breaking the 4th wall, we are breaking down barriers, traveling to North Korea and getting the X-gang back together! (Well, sorta. You’ll see.)


Marvel TL;DRThe Dark Phoenix Saga | Marvel TL;DR

This week on Marvel TL;DR, Jean Grey is fighting for her life, fighting for love, and fighting… the X-Men?? Who will survive this roller-coaster ride of cosmic powers and emotions?


Marvel TL;DRMan-Thing | Marvel TL;DR

You are about to enter another world. A world not only of marvelous heroes and devastating villains, but of the dreaded Man-Thing. Come with us as we journey into the Florida swamps. Next stop, Marvel TL;DR!


Marvel TL;DRIron Man: Armor Wars | Marvel TL;DR

Tony Stark: the man, the myth, the armor. And this week on Marvel TL;DR, that armor is going to WAR!


Marvel TL;DRThe Coming of Galactus | Marvel TL;DR

Galactus has worked up an appetite, and this time, it’s Earth on the menu! It’s The Coming of Galactus, so the Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, and even the Watcher have to get in on the action this week on Marvel TL;DR!


Marvel TL;DRShe-Hulk: Law and Disorder | Marvel TL;DR

She-Hulk is decked out in all her green glory, but this week on Marvel TL;DR, it’s not about that vigilante hero spirit and living life on the edge. Nope! Instead Jen’s going to prove that all those student loans were worth it and show off what she d


Marvel TL;DRNova | Marvel TL;DR

Ever wonder how a helmet could make a kid a super hero? Check out Sam Alexander who followed in his father's footsteps to become the next Nova and totally save the universe - and hopefully his dad.


Marvel TL;DRSpider-Gwen | TL;DR

It’s hard enough being a teenager, but having to deal with high school AND all of the Kingpin’s henchmen? Almost impossible. This week on Marvel TL;DR, swing through the origins of Spider-Gwen and her fantastically complicated alternate-universe life


Marvel TL;DRThanos Rising | Marvel TL;DR

Find out how Thanos went from a cute purple baby to one of the most destructive and sinister forces in the universe - and maybe all just to impress a girl!



What Is Spider-Verse?

Learn the hair-raising story of Spider-Verse with Marvel TL;DR!

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