Published June 17, 2019

Mattel Reveals Its SDCC 2019 Exclusive Hot Wheels Spider Machine GP-7

Mattel's version of Spidey's super-powered vehicle from the 1978 Japanese Spider-Man TV show will debut at San Diego Comic Con!

Credit: Mattel

The countdown to San Diego Comic Con 2019 kicks off today! Mattel revealed one of its SDCC 2019 exclusive toys, and it's a classic -- the Hot Wheels® Comic Con Marvel Spider Machine GP-7! As seen in Japan's 1978 Spider-Man series, this flying four-wheeler was equipped with weapons galore, including machine guns and missile launchers inside its bonnet. It was driven by motocross racer Takuya Yamashiro, who gained his arachnid-like super powers from an alien.

Credit: Mattel

Once he became Spider-Man, it became Takuya’s responsibility to protect the citizens of Earth from the Iron Cross Army -- and the Spider Machine GP-7 served as his wheels. But while the souped-up buggy could fly and fire weapons, that was just the beginning of its super powers. It was also a component in the transformation into the giant robot superweapon the Leopardon, which is used to defeat Spider-Man’s biggest, toughest enemies. (And it was probably even better at defeating rush hour traffic!)

Hot Wheels® authentically recreated the Spider Machine GP-7 in 1/64 scale, with full die-cast construction and Real Riders® wheels.

And you'll be able to buy it at SDCC 2019 for the pristine price of $15! You can pre-order your very own SDCC 2019 Exclusive Spider Machine GP-7 at starting today or purchase it in person at Mattel’s SDCC retail booth starting July 17. Limited quantities available.

Here's the fine print: All pre-sale orders will be shipped directly to the customer after SDCC.  Pre-sale orders will NOT be available for pick-up at the event. Attendees will need to stop by the Mattel Toy Store booth to check in with their SDCC-issued badge.  Once checked in, their orders will be released for shipping.  Attendees may purchase additional products at the retail booth.

See more pictures of the Hot Wheels® Comic Con Marvel Spider Machine GP-7 in the slideshow below!

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