Published April 3, 2019

10 Cosmic Places in the Marvel Universe

Travel to these alien worlds.

Cosmic locations

Earth life getting you down? Sick of dealing with our planet's specific gravitational pull? Do you desire a change of cosmic scenery? Then book an intergalactic vacation today! As a citizen of what's affectionately referred to as the Marvel Universe, you're used to inconveniences like having your car totaled by irradiated debris, discovering that your boss has regrettable aspirations of global domination, and having to deal with all the paperwork of being resurrected as part of another large scale cosmic event. Traveling to any one of the known alien worlds that populate our universe can give you the right kind of off-world relaxation and recreation you need!


Homeworld of the Kree Empire, you'll fit right in with these fellow humanoid entities. You can enjoy such tourist destinations as the Phalanx Conquest Memorial and the Mar-Vell Museum. Just make sure you keep hold of any loose hair or skin flakes, because the Kree love to tamper with genetics! Please note that due to gravitational differences, you will be physically exhausted from just standing up.


Thanks to time travel technology, another perk of being a Marvel citizen, you can visit a number of worlds that have disappeared too soon. Battleworld, an artificially created planet controlled by the all-powerful Beyonder, is the perfect place to settle scores with a disagreeable loved one or a sworn enemy. Just be mindful of the souvenirs your pick up, for they may be sentient and malevolent.

Secret Wars (1984) #8

Secret Wars (1984) #8

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Get ready to chill with the bird people! You can nest in the lap of luxury in one of the finest resorts on Chandilar, the throneworld of the sprawling Shi'ar Empire. With their breathtaking architecture, mind-blowing holographic technology, and avant-garde fashion sense, these cold-blooded humanoids truly redefine cool. Just don't ask about any local entertainment, because artistic creativity is an offense punishable by death.


Take a walk on the wild side by vacationing on this sentient, oftentimes villainous purple planet! You'll thrill at the site of lesser planets falling before the might of Ego's powerful psionic blasts, and you might even meet a Nova Corpsman or two.

Fantastic Four (1961) #235

Fantastic Four (1961) #235

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While not exactly a planet, certain daredevils may enjoy hitching a ride on one of these extraordinarily large and compassionate space-whales. While cruising through space in this gentle giant's belly, you'll most likely run into a cadre of aggressively malicious insectoid aliens called the Brood. Just make sure you sleep with one eye open, because the Brood have an annoying habit of laying eggs inside your body!


Just a stone's throw away from Earth, Saturn's moon Titan is a self-sufficient paradise that contains majestic scenery and advanced technology. You'll love Mentor's inspirational seminars just as much as you'll love the quick spaceship ride. Visitors wishing to travel to Titan will want to keep an eye out for Thanos' whereabouts, as the mad Titan's homecomings have been catastrophically disruptive in the past.


Fans of the great outdoors will want to take advantage of our time travel technology to visit Sakaar, a planet so savage it nearly broke the Hulk! You'll love rooting for your favorite gladiator at one of the planet's popular sporting events, just make sure to avoid any and all obedience disks. Nothing kills a vacation faster than getting sold into combat-focused slavery!


If you're still upset that Galactus devoured Tarnax IV before you could get a chance to see the Skrull planet's impressive skyline, you can rejoice in the knowledge that Tarnax is back! Newly established Tarnax II has a new king, a new attitude, and plenty of activiites for the whole family--or at least beings that look like your whole family. Keep an eye out for that familiar shadow, though, because Galactus could always come back for seconds!


If you and the guys want to go on a manly adventure, why not visit one of the gender segregated Badoon homeworlds? Moord, a metropolitan hub of war-focused reptilian male aliens, can serve as the most extreme backdrop possible for bachelor parties and father/son bonding sessions! Be sure to pack plenty of green body paint, though, because you'll have to blend in in order to survive.

10. KVCH

To truly get away from it all, visit the desolate homeworld of the techno-organic aliens known as the Technarchy. You'll find true peace and quiet amidst the ruins of Kvch as you contemplate the meaning of sentience while surrounded by lifeless, robotic husks. Just make sure you're up to date on all of your immunizations--you don't want to catch the Transmode Virus native to the wasteland!

Nova (2007) #12

Nova (2007) #12

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