Published November 21, 2018

The 3 Best Marvel Costumes of the Week's fashion columnist highlights the best looks from today's new books!

Marvel Comics' own Emily Newcomen is our fashion columnist, an alumna of the Fashion Institute of Technology, and (like her style icon Mary Jane Watson) an extremely natural redhead.

Welcome back to Marvel’s Best Costumes!

This time around, I’ve selected the 3 finest looks from this week’s new comics to be THANKFUL for! So sit back, relax, enjoy the holiday, and make sure you’re the #BestDressed at your dinner table this Thanksgiving… ;)

Karen Page - MARVEL KNIGHTS 20th #2

Karen Page
Art by Niko Henrichon

I think I own this outfit, actually. My most loved staple of any autumnal/winter look is a BLACK TURTLE NECK. Always. Do not @ me on this. There is something simple and sophisticated about everything Karen has on here.

Shuri - SHURI #2

Variant art by Afua Richardson

Now for something colorful and fun! Even though we're only two issues in to her solo series, Shuri rocks her vibrant, stylish ‘fit with a contemporary twist a pop of color from a sharp pair of sneakers. A total stand-out…fit.


Art by Valerio Schiti with colors by Edgar Delgado

A total '80’s look! I could not resist including this for the serious Debbie Harry vibes alone. No other analysis needed. Good day.

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