Published April 3, 2019

5 Most Random Marvel Team-Ups

See the duos that had readers scratching their heads!

Deadpool Iron Fist

Strange pairings have been an integral ingredient of Marvel's magic since the very beginning. Take a look below at these quirky Super Hero team-ups.

1. Spider-Man and Warlock

The farther Spider-Man ventures from his New York City home, the odder the adventure. So when Spidey crash-landed on the moon in this issue of MARVEL TEAM-UP, readers knew to expect a doozy of an adventure. Enter: Adam Warlock, keeper of the Soul Gem and powerful cosmic being! Together, the mismatched pair fought off the Stranger, a power mad alien seeking the Soul Gem for himself.

Marvel Team-Up (1972) #55

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2. Hulk and Rocket Raccoon

Before he hooked up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon spent his time as the sheriff of the Keystone Quadrant. After a battle left the Hulk stranded on Halfworld, Rocket enlisted the green behemoth's abilities to help him stop a resistance movement from seizing control of the alien planet. It's a good thing the two didn't have the usual super hero misunderstanding, because a machine-gun toting raccoon might not be able to stop a rampaging Hulk.

Incredible Hulk (1962) #271

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3. Thor and the New Warriors

With his Asgardian nobility and thunderous bravado, Thor's about as far removed from '90's cool as a super hero can be. That didn't stop the totally radical New Warriors from skateboarding onto the scene and helping the God of Thunder take on the Juggernaut. The tubular teens stepped up their game to go toe to toe with the unstoppable villain, prepping him for Thor's finishing bolt of lightning. Thor thanked his new bodacious buds, giving the team his blessing to become the heroes of the '90's.

Thor (1966) #412

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4. Deadpool and Iron Fist

Both Deadpool and Iron Fist may be martial arts masters, but they approach their craft in two drastically different ways. Iron Fist concentrates and focuses his energy into concise and powerful movements, while Deadpool does…none of that. The Merc with a Mouth and the Living Weapon teamed up to take out a mystical warlord named Gin Goh. The two fought side by side, and Iron Fist even discovered Deadpool's number one pet peeve: being called "Spider-Man."

Deadpool Team-Up (2009) #886

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5. Captain America and Jubilee

One's a super soldier from World War II and the other's a perpetual teenage mallrat, meaning that Captain America and Jubilee have a big generational gap separating them. That didn't stop the Avenger from inviting the X-Man along on a mission to a U-boat that sunk way back in Cap's heyday. Turns out, Steve Rogers knew the submerged vessel contained a nest of Nazi vampires, and took the newly vamped up Jubilee along with him as an example to the undead Germans that they could still find something to live for.

A+X (2012) #12

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