Published December 20, 2018

7 Best Beta Ray Bill Team-Ups

Seven times the Korbinite was a great partner.

Thor and Beta Ray Bill

For a natural loner with no real place to call home, the Stormbreaker-wielding Beta Ray Bill makes a surprising excellent partner. Be it cosmic, on terra firma, or beneath the Earth, he has consistently proven himself a colleague to rely on. Below, we look at the times he has demonstrated his worth as the hero you want watching your back.


Thor and Bill have a long history of combining their efforts for the greater good. Most recently, Bill helped Thor face the second coming of Ragnarok, felling the fearsome Fenris, reducing it to mere ash and bones. While Thor eventually sent him away, Beta Ray enabled him to realize his goal of breaking the death and rebirth cycle of the Asgardians.


Partners on and off the field of battle, Sif and Bill fell in love with one another soon after Beta Ray’s arrival on Earth. Together, they stood guard, protecting the remaining members of Bill’s race. The Korbinites, trapped in suspend animation, became besieged by demons, and only Sif and Beta Ray ensured their survival.


A herald of Galactus, Stardust first met the Korbinite Hammer Holder as an enemy. However, when a far direr threat—Asteroth—emerged, the two put aside their differences and combined powers to decimate the universe-wide danger.

Omega Flight

Nearly killed in his battle against Asteroth, Beta Ray Bill only survived by merging with an earthling named Simon Walters. In this guise, Bill joined with the Canadian super team to help repel the twin terrors of the Wrecking Crew and the Great Beasts. In the end, Bill sacrificed himself—getting locked into an alternate dimension—to ensure the Great Beasts stayed imprisoned away from our world.

Thor Corps

Alongside Eric Masterson and future Thor Dargo Ktor, Beta Ray Bill took on Demonstaff above years and dimensions. While the trio came together thanks to the deceptions of Zarrko, they nonetheless overcame their differences and destroyed their mutual enemy.

Power Pack

The Power Family has actually teamed with Beta Ray a surprising number of times, including for the greatest Christmas party of all-time! The true delight of their collaborations, however, has to be when the Pack helped Bill—reduced to a baby by a spell from Loki and Enchantress—overcome the magic and return to full strength.

Silver Surfer

Pursued by magic spiders sent ye a man who sought to destroy the World Tree and all who might defend it, Beta Ray Bill nearly died from their poison. Only Surfer’s timely intervention and his using the Power Cosmic to repower Bill saved the Korbinite’s life. The team up worked so well, the two became part of the Star Masters so they could keep the party going.


While Thor, Odin, and Loki went underground to try to end the world-decimating threat of the demon Surtur, Earth still needed to be defended. In stepped in Beta Ray, rallying Earth’s heroes on the ground to repel those in Surtur’s service and save humanity from becoming collateral damage.


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